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Distribution of Student Belongings and Returning of School Belongings on 5/28 11:30-2:30 pm

Good Evening Howard Families, We hope that you and your loved ones enjoyed this holiday weekend and had time to take a break from the Read more…

Can You Believe It? School is Almost Done for the Year!

This week teachers will be busy cleaning out student desks and packing their belongings into bags. Pick up will take place Thursday and Friday. Stay tuned to more information about times and places to pick up their belongings. If there is anything special your child left at school but might not be in their desk, please let me know.

There will be 2 more Assignment Calendars. Please make sure your child has turned in most of their work and to the best of their ability before report cards are marked. Thank you for all of your hard work and support. I know this was something new and we were all going through it together.

My Apologies for Flocabulary Grades

As we are all learning to work out the glitches of technology, I, myself, am right in the midst of it. I apologize. There was a mix up grading Flocabulary. Some students turned it in through Google Classroom and others it went to Flocabulary. 17/22 students turned in Main Idea but only 5/22 turned in Figurative Language. We are allowing the students 2 days to work on each lesson. That should give them plenty of time. I am still missing a lot of math, science and social studies. Again, sorry for the mix up!

Please Keep Learning!

I am not sure what happened this week. Maybe the nice weather? Maybe sleeping in a little too late? BUT, 86% of all the work assigned for our class was not turned in this week. That is a lot of missing work. In previous weeks, it was not more than 20% missing. 🙁 Only 5/22 students turned in their Flocabulary activities. If your child did not complete an assignment, he/she will see it returned without a grade in Google Classroom. I will accept late work so please encourage them to get it done.

I know working from home is not ideal. We are all missing the hugs, the smiles and the wonderful conversations. There are only a few more weeks to go! Let’s keep up the good work we have been doing! There will be no work assigned this Friday, May 22 and Monday, May 25 due to the Memorial Day Holiday. Perhaps this might be a good time for your child to catch up.

Miss you all!

An Amazing Teacher Appreciation Week!

Thank you so much for the well wishes and all the e-gift cards for Teacher Appreciation Week. What a treat! I’ll be looking forward to going to Starbucks, Target, Marshalls, and Tim Hortons. All my favorites – how did you know? Being home, I have truly learned one thing: I cannot be a Teacher without my students! Thank you for trusting me with their care each day – in school and on-line. It is an honor. This was passed along to me. I feel this way about the teachers I had. I am sure you did about the teachers you had and I hope your child feels the same way about their teachers.

Thank you! Thank you! Tears in my eyes!

Look at these adorable cuties!

Math Book Distribution

Please read the following if you are interested in picking up your child’s Eureka Math Workbooks.

Happy Mother’s Day

This week, remember to help mom out in any way you can. She is so very special. There will be a special assignment you will complete this week just for her.

I want to thank all of the students that are taking responsibility every day for their learning. I know it is not easy learning from home, but the activities and lessons on our 3rd Grade Calendar are designed to help you get ready for 4th grade.

Parents, please go over the calendar with your child daily and check to see if their assignments have been completed. Thank you so very much for everything you are doing to assist in the learning process.

Parents: Please read for the the week of April 27th

An invitation was sent to the email of the parent of each student to join (for free) Epic. It is an excellent site we are going to be using for reading and gives the kids more choices with titles and authors that are well known. The students will not be able to choose books until you accept the invite. If for some reason your email has changed, please email me ( with the changes. I am also including a tutorial for you and your child to see. Pages 22-24 will be the important ones to help your child find the assigned books.

Each week, the new calendar will be posted under the On-Line Learning tab. By now, hopefully the kids are used to it. We are trying to make it as user friendly as possible.

Again, we are all in this together. I am learning as much as you are and have had probably just as many frustrations if not more. All I ask is that each and every family do their best during this time. I am here for you!

Learning Plan for Ms. Minier

As I am sure you have read not only from the Superintendent but from our school as well, remote learning will now be officially documented by teachers to produce grades for a fourth report card. Before panic sets in, the “grades” will be based on partcipation and effort. Please be assured I know each student’s capabilities, family situations (work, multiple siblings, etc.), and lack of resources. The district is doing everything possible to provide experiences and resources when needed. Attached you will find a suggested allotment of minutes per day your child should try to follow for our Third Grade Schedule. As long as your child is doing their best, that is what will matter. Please DO NOT WORRY. Do what is possible each day. If your child needs to catch up a little on the weekend, that is acceptable.

Please see the attached Howard School Special’s Schedule.

The third grade teachers will have “office hours” where we will be available each day to answer your questions via email. Some days, we are getting a lot of emails, so please allow at least a day for us to get back with you. We are also trying to do our best in this new situation. We will be available between 9-11:00 a.m. Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 1-3 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday.

You can find these schedules (above) and the 3rd Grade Weekly Assignment Calendar under the On-Line Learning tab.

I am looking forward to all of the wonderful learning that will take place at home. The 3rd grade teachers have worked hard to provide your child with meaningful activities.

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