Picnic Information Update

The 3rd grade team has decided to have the students enjoy their lunches with their classmates in the cafeteria and have the recess from 12:35 – 1:13 p. m.

During this time, Ms. Minier, Ms. Martin, and myself will set up tables for snacks near the school for our afternoon end of the year picnic celebration.  We are concerned about the amount of mosquitoes that may be at York Park due to the rain.  As the afternoon progresses, we will decide based on the needs of the students where they will have activities.

Please join us at the back of the school today from 1:15 p. m. – 3:00 p. m. for some end of the year fun if your schedule permits.


What a “Maddening Month” of Reading

March is Reading Month has been so much fun.  The kids have had fun listening to our guest readers, voting for their favorite books in the tournament of books, recording minutes they’ve read at home, and contributing to a schoolwide traveling story.  I cannot believe it all comes to an end this Friday.

Thank you to our room mom’s for a successful Birthday Bash!  It was a good time that all enjoyed.  Howard School would not be what it is without you or your support.

Looking ahead:

April will be a short month but we will be working hard before testing begins in May.

Math – Finishing the last 8 lessons in Module 4 and hopefully starting Module 5.

Daily 5 – Each group should be finishing their chapter books along with the activities that go with it.

Writing – We have been working on TDA (Text Dependent Analysis) to prepare us for the M-Step.

Science – We will finish up life cycles and discuss traits and heredity.

Social Studies – Our government unit will continue.  We will start the month off learning about the branches of government.

For now,

Ms. Minier

Happy Winter!

We now have all of the Winter NWEA scores completed.  Every single student went up in math – even with adjusting to our new Eureka Math program.  I am very happy.

March 5th – Our field trip to Lansing.  Please make sure your child is dressed for the weather.  They will need a bag lunch (not a lunch box) that can be disposed after they are finished eating.  This is a wonderful trip packed full of learning.  It is important to remember we represent Dearborn and we must be on our best behavior.

Here’s what’s happening with curriculum:

Daily 5/Literacy – Groups continue reading their chapter books working on specific stragies chosen for them.  PLEASE make sure their homework is completed each night.  It is difficult to have a discussion about the book when students come to group unprepared.

We are beginning to teach stratgies to help the students on the M-Step Writing portion of the test.  It is here they will be expected to complete a Text Dependent Analysis.  The RACER blueprint will be used and the students will have a few months to practice before the assessment.

Math – Our Mid-Module Assessment for Module 3 is now complete.  We will be moving onto multiplying by 9.  Ask your child if they learned Familiar Fives, 10 – 1 and Finger strategies.

Social Studies – We are learning about Michigan Government.  Why do we have government?  Who are our leaders in Michigan/Dearborn?

Science – Our classroom is learning to classify animals.  Our next Mystery Science Lesson “Why Do Dogs Wag Their Tails?” will address animal groups and survival.

The Bookfair begins next week.  Our class will view on Tuesday and purchase on Wednesday.  The Bookfair is a great place for everyone to find just the right chapter book to read.

Thank you for all of the tissues, glue and wipes.  We definately appreciate it!  Your support is always important!

A final note, if you have any questions or concerns, please email me minierj@dearbornschools.org .  It gets to me a lot faster than a phone message.  I cannot begin to help with a potential problem if I am not aware of it.  We are in this together.

Ms. Minier

Happy Holidays

Can you believe it is already the Holiday Break?  I can’t .  Time is flying.

Tomorrow is our classroom Holiday Party.  We will be having a pizza lunch, making a Holiday Craft and playing a few Holiday games.

Over break, please encourage your child to read and practice their mulitiplication facts.  We will be finishing Module 2 when we return.  Module 3 heads back to multiplication.

Our classroom is in need of tissues, 4 oz. Elmer’s Glue, dry erase markers and Clorox Wipes.  Any donation is appreciated!

The end of the card marking is January 18th – a few weeks after we return.

Please have a safe and restful holiday.

Moving Along

Just a couple of things to keep you up to date:

Late Start Wednesday, 10-17-18

Picture Day, 10-18-18

Our Room Moms are collecting $20 which will hopefully cover the costs of all of our parties this year.  Please try to send this in by Friday, October 26th.

I am collecting $2 for a project we will be doing in Social Studies.  Usually I don’t mind buying things for activities that we do.  This one requires battery operated tea lights along with a few other items.  Your support would be wonderful!

Here’s what we have been doing:

Daily 5 – Students have now been rotating through 12 different stations during Daily 5.  They are now meeting in a literacy group with me.  Please ask them each night what they are reading and if they have homework to finish.  Many of them are forgetting to complete assigned tasks.  They need to be prepared for group the next day by having completed these assignments.  Practice makes perfect.

Math – We are 5 lessons away from finishing Module 1.  I am pleased with the progress most of the students are making.  Please remind your child that since this is a new program it is essential that they are paying attention and participating in class.  Some students are falling behind because they lack focus during the lesson.

Science – Pushes and Pulls!  Soon it will be working with magnets.

Social Studies –  We continue learning about Natural characteristics of Michigan – landforms, vegetation and climate.  Next, we move onto Human characteristics.

PBIS – Be responsible, Be respectful and Be safe!  Many students are getting color changes because they are forgetting things at home, not completing assignments, acting immature at inapproriate times (this has been a big one!), not following directions (directions are usually given 3 times), and difficulties on the playground.  I have been changing too many colors this month – more than I would like.  Please have a discussion with your child about why they might have had a color change.  Some receive a color change, we disuss making good choices and just a few minutes later are being reminded of a possible color change again.  Learning from our mistakes is important.

THANK YOU for all of the tissues!  Hopefully our noses will be set for a little while.  Our classroom always needs candy or little prizes for the prize box if you are out and about and would like to contribute.



Mid Module Assessment Helpers

Please use these pages along with the practice pages from their Learn Book that came home to study for the Assessment on Tuesday 9-25.parent-tips_g3m1tf parent-tips_g3m1td parent-tips_g3m1te parent-tips_g3m1tc (1) parent-tips_g3m1tb (1) parent-tips_g3m1ta (1)parent-tips_g3m1tb (1)parent-tips_g3m1ta (1)

It would be a great idea to have your child begin practicing a little here and a little there tonight, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Waiting until Monday is too overwhelming.  Again, please be patient as we are all learning this new program together.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Seems Like We Have Officially Started!

Now that Open House, Parent Meetings, and Testing have ended, I feel like the school year is officially off to a wonderful start!

Students are now practicing classroom routines and prodedures along with PBIS expectations.  Color changes have started, but please know I am not changing colors without warning first.  I am fair.  I know we all make mistakes.  Please trust that in September and October I must be firm with expectations so that we may transition into a smooth year.

Here is a quick explanation of where our classroom is headed.

Spelling – Words will be coming home every Monday.  Spelling words should be entered into the planner.  Test on Friday.

Daily 5 – We have practiced Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading and some Word Work. Soon we will be starting our literacy groups.  During Daily 5 the children are expected to work independently while I am with small groups.  I expect integrity.

Math – We are half way through the first Module.  This module takes the children through the process of multiplication and division.

Science – After learning all about scientists, we will be diving into Forces and Motion.

Social Studies – The first unit includes learning where Michigan is located, what are its natural and human characteristics.  Please allow your child to bring in one can of Play-doh (any color) as we make models of landforms.

Parents are always asking if our classroom needs anything.  Currently, we are in need of tissues, candy for the candy jar, small prizes for the prize box and Clorox wipes.  I appreciate any help!

Thank you for your support.  I am always an email away!


Welcome to 3rd Grade!

So happy to have started a brand new year with such wonderful ladies and gentlemen.

Be patient as we finish our testing, practice our routines and procedures and enjoy getting to know one another better.

It was great to meet parents at my parent meeting.  I appreciate your support.

Tonight is Open House!  I am sure your child is excited to show you where they spend most of their time.  Can’t wait to see you.

Next week, I will begin including what we will be studying in each subject area.  Until then, enjoy the cool weather.

In the Final Stretch…

Can you believe it is almost May?  It seems like we were all anxiously awaiting the first day of 3rd grade.  Now, it’s almost done.  Here’s what’s ahead…

M-Step Testing will begin on Tuesday, May 8th.  Please make sure your child has a good night’s sleep and a healthy breakfast.  If your child can bring a pair of earbuds/headphones from home, that will help us make sure every child in the 3rd and 4th grade has something to use for the listening part.  They will be returned once testing is finished.

Our room moms are busy planning the birthday bash.  The date will be announced.  This is the day when we all get to celebrate our birthdays.  Although, cupcakes are not needed, treats or treat bags are welcomed.  Details will be provided soon.

As far as what we are doing in the classroom…

Daily 5 – Each group continues reading their chapter books while working on specific strategies.

Writer’s Workshop – We will be finishing our last Personal Narrative and turning it in as a Google Doc.

Math – Unit 9 covers multiplication with double digits – using arrays, area, partial-products, lattice and traditional methods.

Science – We have been learning about animal life cycles.  Next, we will talk about specific traits passed from parents to offspring.

Social Studies – This unit focuses on Michigan Government.

It is a pleasure to watch children develop so many skills during 3rd grade.  They come a long way from the first day of school.  You would be amazed how much they have accomplished.

Enjoy the weather!  Spend time with each other!  Smile!

Spirit Week!

I am guessing the March is Reading Month calendar that I sent home was printed before Spirit Week was added!  So, Monday is PJ Day!  Let’s have fun and wear our Pajamas!

Tuesday is Mismatch Day – let’s get crazy and look like we got dressed in the dark!

Wednesday is Crazy Hair/Hat Day!

Thursday is Sports Day – hopefully we can wear something for U of M!  Final 4!

Thank you to Mrs. Zaghir for bringing it to my attention that the calendar I sent home did not have Spirit Week on it. Otherwise, our class would be spiritless – and we know that is not true – we are full of school spirit!

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