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Mrs. Meseroll’s Favorites

The Keeping Quilt

By Patricia Polacco

“The only thing she had left of backhome Russia were her dress and babuska she liked to throw up into the air when she was dancing.”

Read to learn how many generations of Anna’s family remember her through a quilt and add their own memories to it as well. This is a touching story of how we pass on our traditions to the next generation.

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Welcome Back to Henry Ford!

Looking for a great book to read with your family? Look no further! What Do You Do With An Idea? by Kobi Yamada is an excellent book that will inspire.

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Summer Reading

Reading is a gift.  As parents, we need to nurture a love of reading.  Check out these sites for lists of wonderful books that will get your child as excited about reading as you are.


Imagination Soup

Read Brightly


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Let’s Write!

One of the greatest gifts we give to our children is a love of learning.  We value education and want our children to succeed.  “How?” is the question we often ask and the answer is simpler than you think.

  • Want your children to be better readers?  Read!  Read to them, read with them and read for your own pleasure in front of them.
  • Want your children to be better writers?  Write!  Write for them, write with them and let them see you writing.

A great way to encourage writing is to journal with your child.  This is more fun if you use a decorative journal and colorful pens.  No need to spend a fortune so be sure to check out the dollar stores.  To start, write a note to your child on the first page and encourage her to write back to you.  Focus on the content of the note…no need to focus on spelling.  You want your child to sound things out and use more mature words.

butifull beats nice every day!


Happy writing!

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Read by Grade Three – Parent Awareness Toolkit

Please take a few moments to learn more about Michigan’s Read by Grade Three law.  There are videos, explanations and resources for helping to ensure that your child becomes a successful reader.


Read by Grade Three – Parent Awareness Toolkit

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Battle of the Books is underway!

We’ve encouraged all fourth and fifth grade students to participate in our first annual Battle of the Books and many have stepped up to the challenge!

What is Battle of the Books?  

Battle of the Books is a voluntary reading incentive program to encourage students to read good books and have fun while competing with peers.

How will Battle of the Books benefit my child?

Students are motivated to read the books because they want to help their team “win.”  The real reason for the competition is to get children excited about reading and get them to read books that they may not normally select.  We’ve chosen both informational and fictional titles this year.

What if my child isn’t reading at grade level yet?

We’ve had teachers volunteer to read each of the books aloud so that every child can listen to the text.  This offers support for our emergent readers as well as another exposure to the text for those students who are reading at or above grade level.

Can we read the book together at home?

YES!!!  Feel free to read aloud with your child at home and discuss the books!  This shows your child that you value reading and are excited too!


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21 Day Reading Challenge…Sign Up Today!

What better habit could families form than daily reading with their children?  If you’re looking for a way to making reading aloud a habit in your home, commit to the 21-Day Read Aloud-ASHA Challenge.


The chart/calendar at this site offers great tips to ensure that we read aloud every day.  Happy reading!

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Bringing Read Alouds to Life

Reading aloud to children and young adults is a gift that they will carry with them forever.  Have you wondered if your read aloud is bringing the text to life?  Mem Fox, beloved children’s author, shares tips for bringing read alouds to life.

Mem Fox’s Read Aloud Lesson

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Battle of the Books update

Greetings!  All fourth and fifth grade students were invited to participate in the first annual Henry Ford Battle of the Books.  It’s not to late…be sure to turn permission slips in a.s.a.p.  Books will be passed out next week!!!

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Battle of the Books

We’re busy preparing for Battle of the Books.  All fourth and fifth grade students received permission slips and we’re pleased to announce that many of our students are as excited as we are!


Teachers and administrators are busy recording themselves read the books to ensure that the books are good fits for all of our students.  Stay tuned…books are coming home soon!


Happy Reading!

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