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A few announcements…

  • The schedule for March 1-5 has changed again,  all students will have Zooms from 8:40-2:20. 
  • All assignments are due by 4:00pm on the due date.  
  • Students are marked absent if they are not in the Zoom.  IF you are having technical difficulties, please call the district helpline at (313)827-8400.
  • Students are required to have video cameras on (and be in the video frame) during Zooms.  If they don’t have them on, they will lose participation points and possibly get a phone call home or marked absent.  
  • Students who do not turn on cameras and do not respond in zooms will be marked absent.
  • If you wish to see how your child is performing in zooms, check the “Participation” section in Schoology.
  • If you do not have a Schoology login, call (313) 827-8400.  I do not have access to your information.

Hello Families,

The week of March 1st,  we will start our new Hybrid Schedule.  I have attached a copy of your child’s schedule below.  

Next week, we will begin following this schedule VIRTUALLY.  Students will not come to school next week.

The week of March 8th, 5th graders will continue to follow this schedule but THEY WILL attend school on their designated day(s).

The following dates will also be virtual, so please mark your calendar:  March 11th & 12th.  Please contact me if you have ANY questions – I know this is confusing : )

Thanks, Mrs. Majetic

Four Remote Learning Days Added on Staff Vaccination Days in March
Four Remote Learning Days Added on Staff Vaccination Days in March
Click here to view the information that was publicly posted in the First Bell over the weekend. It also went out via district social media.
by Glenn Maleyko on February 23, 2021

We will begin In-Person Learning Labs on Thursday, February 18th.  Please take a look at the attached Sign-Up Genius and choose 2 times that would work well for your child to attend.  Drop off and Pick up will be at Door #12 off of Houston Street.

I will be calling you this week to discuss the days your child will be attending school once our Hybrid Schedule starts on March 8th.  Please take a look at the attached Snow Return to In-Person Learning slideshow.  It contains all of the information related to the Return to School.  If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them at that time.  I look forward to talking to you soon!

Thank You,

Mrs. Majetic

Learning Lab Sign-Up

Snow Return to In-Person Learning

There will be a Supply Pick-Up Friday, January 22nd from 11am-2pm in the Snow School lobby. If you cannot pick-up during that time, please come to the office between 9-4 and you can pick up there.

As of today, the district has stopped all NWEA testing. Tomorrow we will continue working on curriculum as usual. The daily schedule will remain the same. 🙂