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5/10 ( Friday ) and Today 5/13

Day 2  (5/10) for first hour (5/13)

  1. Continue to research
  2. Verbally share information to your group members so that everyone is knowledgeable in all categories. This also gives everyone a chance to practice what they will present.
  3. Create a consistent / uniform format for everyone’s info
  4. Re- word to make language peer friendly
  5. Create a plan to make this creative – type it up on the shared doc___________________________________________

Today you will refine your creative ideas if  you need to. Be sure there is a cohesive theme if you are using more than one type of visual.  How will you present the information? Do you have a strong hook and powerful ending? Are you answering specific questions or our essential question?  Remember that being creative isn’t just about the visuals but also in how you present the info verbally.  Audience engagement- How are you keeping or involving the audience?

Group Research topics WWI

Today, groups spent the class collaboratively researching the following  topics pertaining to WWI  . They used the media centers website and did their research using the GALE Databases.  ( students- email or send the articles to yourself as a google doc so you can review it at home)

Technology ( weapons (of any sort ), communication, and transportation)

Medicine ( procedures, different fields, medicine, protocol , diseases etc)

Major Battles  ( their significance /outcome/location/strategies etc )

Spying/ Espionage

The role of minorities/women during WWI




Ch 29 WWI learning targets ( click on link at the bottom)/ essential question/ vocab

Section 1 Marching Toward War

  • I can identify /analyze the long term (MAIN) and short term (events) causes of WWI.
  • I can identify the political and military forces at work in the late 1800’s.
  • I can list the countries that made up the Triple Alliance and the Triple Entente.





Triple Alliance

Triple Entente

Kaiser Wilhelm II

Central Powers


Western Front

Eastern Front

Schlieffen Plan

trench warfare

Chapter 29 learning targetsThe Great War, 1914-1918 (WWI)


today’s presentation on causes of WWI & learning objectives/vocab ( passed out last week)


Kudos!  Many students  showed their creative side and were able to effectively describe the long term causes of WWI ( MAIN ) via one of their favorite cartoons . They also used concrete examples from WWI for each of the causes ! Some really great examples were posted on our classroom door and in our classroom bulletin board!


Be sure you understand the meaning of the vocab terms up to  ” trench warfare”

Be sure you are 100% clear on Section 1 objectives