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Happy Friday:)

Good morning,

For today you will find a math, social studies and a writing assignment on google classroom. Also there are instructions about the math test that will take place on Monday.

Besides that, I included some information about the date and time that I will be passing out your belongings that I took out of your desks and about what I need you to turn in. Please read carefully and if you have any questions, let me know. Have a good day.

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Good Morning

Please check out the assignments that were posted to your google classroom today. You have math lesson 40, science, reading and the writing assignment from yesterday that is due tomorrow. We are approaching the end of the math module, you will have a test next week. Please review and let me know if you have any questions.

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Good morning 5/27/20

Today you have math, reading with comprehension questions ( due tomorrow) and a writing assignment on Study Island (due Friday). I included a graphic organizer that you can use for that purpose. Instructions are on Google Classroom. Enjoy your day.

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May 21 2020

Good Morning,

New assignments are posted for you on Google Classroom. You have math lesson 37, reading with comprehension questions and writing (due tomorrow). Also, I posted the solutions for lesson 36 homework questions. Please check your work from yesterday. Finally, try to do something fun and enjoy this gorgeous day 🙂

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Good morning

Today is a beautiful day. You have reading, math ( due tomorrow at noon) and writing (due Friday). Maybe if you finish your work early, you can go outside and enjoy your day 🙂

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Rainy Monday

Hello All,

I hope you had a good weekend and are ready for some learning. Today you have a reading assignment and a math quiz that are due tomorrow by noon. Also you have a science assignment that is due on Wednesday 5/20. All assignments are posted on google class. Those of you are late submitting the reading assignment from Friday got an email from me today. You will have two reading assignments to submit by tomorrow noon. Thank you.

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Happy Friday

Good morning,

Today you have math and reading. Assignments are posted on Google Classroom. Also if you have not submitted your writing yet, please do so by the end of the day. Have a nice weekend.

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May 14

Dear studenst,

Today you have math, reading with comprehension questions, social studies and writing. Thank you for the students who are submitting their assignments on time. I still have some who didn’t, they got a reminder email from me. I will fill out your weekly participation report tomorrow which will affect your grades. Thank you.

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May 13, 2020

My Dear Students,

Today you have math and reading, assignments’ detail are on google classroom. Also I am still waiting on some of you who did not submit their essays yet. Please try to submit them today. Have a good day.

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Good morning sunshine :)

Today the sun is out. Make sure you go in the back yard to get some fresh air after you finish your work. You have math lesson 31, reading, science and writing. All due tomorrow at noon.

I listed the names of the students who did not submit their work from yesterday on google class. The work was due today at noon. Please submit your assignments on time otherwise I will have to submit your names to Ms. Zriek and she will contact your parents. We do not want you to fall behind on your work because you will not be ready for the next school year.

Also there will be supplies distribution at school tomorrow at 1:00 pm. If you haven’t gotten your supplies yet, tomorrow is your last chance. Have a good day.

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