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Spring Break 4/6-4/10

Hello everyone,

I hope you are doing well. Today you have math lesson 10, and reading. The assignments were posted on google classroom earlier today.

We will have spring break starting Monday 4/6. We come back Monday 4/ 13. During this break I will not be posting new assignments, and will be off line. However, I ask that you take this time to make up for missing work. I know that some of you joined us later and there have been some work that you missed. This will be a good time for you to catch up. Also, do not forget to nourish your brains by reading everyday.

Enjoy your break 🙂

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4/2/20 A Beautiful Day

Good Morning my sweet students,

It is a beautiful day today, the sun is shining and it is not so cold. Try to finish your assignments fast so you can play outside bearing in mind that you have to keep your distance from other people.

You have math lesson 9, reading along with the questions and writing. Please refer to google classroom for details. Enjoy you day!

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Dear 4th graders,

Your assignments for today are on google classroom. they are due tomorrow at noon. Enjoy you day.

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Last Day In March 2020!

Hello my dear students,

Today is the last day in March. Hopefully the weather will start getting warmer so you can have outdoor activities around your house. As for now, I posted a brain break activity for you on google classroom so you can get a active a little 🙂

Also, you have math lesson 7, Reading along with comprehension questions, Science with a writing activity and a writing prompt about social distancing. All assignments are due tomorrow by noon.

I appreciate the students whom are turning in their assignments on time. Also, I appreciate students whom are taking my editing suggestions on their essays into consideration. We are all together in this unfortunate situation and each of us has to do their part. Your part is to keep up with your school work so you can be ready to move up to the next grade level. I know that I am not there to look at your homework every day, but I am counting on you to be responsible and do what is right for you. If you need anything please let me know. Love you.

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Monday 30/30

Hello My read students,

I hope you had a nice weekend. Today you have reading, math lesson 6. science and writing. All assignments are posted on the google classroom and they are all due today by the end of the day. If you have any questions please let me know.

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Happy Friday!

Good morning my dear students,

Today you have a reading assignment ” The Shortest Path”, along with the comprehension questions that is due today. You also have math lesson 5 (I uploaded the flip chart and the video for you on google classroom). In addition, you have a social studies assignment which is also posted on google classroom but the good news is that it is not due until Monday 3/30! Plus the four pages of the MSTEP package that you normally do every day. Take care of yourselves and have a nice weekend 🙂

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Thursday 3/26/20

My Dear Fourth Graders,

I hope you are all well and using your time wisely. Today you will have Math lesson 4, reading along with the comprehension questions and a persuasive writing prompt. Please make sure to follow the proper format and organization for persuasive writing. All assignments are posted on my google classroom. Have a great time!

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Wednesday 3/25/20

Good Morning,

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful sunny day. I have posted two new assignments for you on google classroom; reading with comprehension questions and math lesson 3. Plus of course your MSTEP practice pages.

Aside from that please make sure to play in your backyard a little and enjoy some fresh air. Take care!

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Today 3/24/20

Hello my amazing fourth graders,

I hope you are doing well. I have posted new assignments to our google classroom. You have reading, math ( I posted the flip chart for lesson 2), writing and science, besides the MSTEP practice pages. Do not forget to eat healthy and exercise.

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Today 3/23/20

Good morning,

Many of you had expressed concerns that you do not have your math books and you are having difficulty opening the flip chart on the EMBARK link.

I understand that, therefor I downloaded the flip chart on google classroom along with the video. This way you can watch the video then go through the activities on the flip chart and the problem set at the end. I hope that this will help solve the issue.

So today I expect you to do lesson 1 on Module 5. I know a couple of you are ahead, but that’s OK.

Also, I posted a Read Works article that I expect you to read and answer the questions for.

Please work on the MSTEP packets, 4 pages a day.

I miss you all! We are going to get through this I promise. Each one of us have do their part; your part is to stay calm, follow directions and keep up with your school work. At the same time I do not want you to panic or worry if you did not understand something or if you feel that you are falling behind. Use your time wisely and try to catch up. I know you are all responsible and you all care. Do what you can and I am here for you, I will help in anyway I can. Love you!

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