Here you will find weekly updates on each unit that we are doing in our ELA class. You will also find our spelling lists and other important information. Please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.


Week of September 10th:

This week we will be working on identifying both persuasive writing and informative writing. Students will be working as a whole group as well as individually throughout the week.

Our Essential Element:
Reading (Informational) – EERI.7.4. Determine how words or phrases are used to persuade or inform a text

“I Can” Statement: I can find words or phrases that persuade and inform in a teacher selected passage.


Throughout the week we will still be working in daily centers.

Daily Centers will be working on:
Reading: sight word reading, phonemic awareness, sound blending, leveled reading, etc.

Writing: tracing, cut and paste, journal copying, letter writing, name writing, paragraph writing, letter building (with manipulatives)
(center activities depend on each individual student present levels and specific IEP goals)

Speaking: small group discussion, one-on-one discussion, formal and informal discussions, retelling facts/sharing individual work samples aloud, etc.

Listening: small group and/or individual listening activities in which students hear a story, chapter of text, etc. and retell facts and answer questions based on what they have heard