All of the information you need for Bryant Summer Learning is in the above link. You will find math and reading information, as well as, who to contact if you are having difficulty. It contains how you will be graded and what you will need to return in the fall. There is also a reading list to choose books from to make sure you are selecting wisely. I have a meeting tomorrow about this information, so I will be able to answer questions should you have any.

Ok, so I have a few more posts! I added the Summer Learning presentation to your Google Classroom, even though I posted it here last week. Try to log in before our 1:00 meeting.

Good Morning! It is bittersweet that I write our last daily update. We have forged quite a bond this year especially over the last couple months. Most of you have joined me for our weekly meetings on M, W, and F where we have discussed assignments, played games, and/or just chatted, but today will be our last.

During these months, we have struggled, celebrated, and laughed. I will cherish you all! Always stay in touch! We will meet at 1:00 as usual. I hope you plan to join me again today. We will discuss the Summer Learning. I will ‘try’ to answer questions, but will definitely help all of you find the answers.

Please remind your parents to complete the survey sent out by Mrs. Sabbagh. See link below.

There are no new assignments this week as you know, so I will end with…I will talk to you later today and see you on Tuesday for our 5th Grade Drive-By, 12-2:00!

Sorry I’m a little late today. Busy day. Today is our last day for new lessons! We will meet today to discuss Bryant Summer Learning. Our meeting is at our regular time, 1:00. Today you will have math, reading, and an end of the year reflection to complete. Please see the Daily Schedule for directions.

I don’t know about you, but I had fun yesterday trying to create those animals! Thanks for joining me. As you have heard, we will have our 5th Grade End of the Year Certificate Drive-By next Tuesday! From 12:00-2:00 you can come up to the school to pick up your certificates. I will be there to see you… for our last time!

Today you have a couple lessons to complete for me; Math, Social Studies, and Reading. See your Daily Schedule for directions.

Hello! Today we meet at 1:00. We will play a drawing game. You will need a piece of paper and a pencil. Be ready! Today’s lessons are listed above on your Daily Schedule tab. You will complete a math assignment on volume, read Warriors chapter 13, and for social studies read to understand about the government the colonists were living with during the war. Also, I haven’t gotten word yet about picking up certificates next week. Stay tuned.