Today we were given some new guidelines that will be used for the rest of this school year. FIRST, there will be no google meet this week. We will begin next week. SECOND, if you have not read my blog please do so. It has information on it such as the google code for our google classroom and I will use my blog and email to keep you updated on new times and dates every week. I still have not heard from many of you yet. It is very important that you check in so that you may start getting credit for the times we meet or the small amount of work you will do.

If you DO NOT have access to the internet or you DO NOT have a computer to use, PLEASE EMAIL ME NOW!!!!! We will be given new grading guidelines by next week that will be used for the 4th marking period.


Mr Barlow

This week I will do a Google hangout. I know many of you don’t get up till later in the day. Also, I know most of your teachers are trying to find time during the morning or afternoon to contact you or have a video chat and most of you have brothers and sisters who also use the computer. I would like to do it later in the day because I would hate to wake you early.

So vote between 5:00, 6:00 or
7:00 pm. Send Your response now

If the later time is an issue for to many students we will adjust the time.

I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone.

Mr. Barlow

I have submitted the grades for 3rd marking period. You all did so well, I am so proud of everyone. I know you are getting blasted with emails and work to do. I will begin to put in some SMALL assignments next week once you have adjusted to the work your getting from everywhere else.
The Dearborn administration is working on a policy for class work and how to grade for the 4th marking period.
Try to keep up as much as you can with your classes.

Also, if there is anything you would rather talk privately to about to me, you can email me at:

The Google classroom code is :

Mr Barlow

I hope everyone is doing well. I miss all my classes and can’t wait to see each of you when we get back. I know you have the Moby Max but I’m currently waiting for a CLASS CODE to use for IXL social studies. My goal is to have you read short selections and do a small amount of minutes each week for now.

Google Classroom

Hi students. I will be regularly posting on my iBlog and on google classroom in order to keep you updated on current work and due dates.

Google Classroom code: ig2fklo

Make sure to also subscribe to my Newsletter by email.

Please check the iBlog regularly.