How the inquiry process works


content objective: I can identify five things I want to ask about my animal.

language objective: I can write five questions using Google Docs to guide my research.

We will be making a Google presentation  about animals. Today, I want you to choose your animal and write 5 questions you have about it. This will help you start your research.

Content objective:I can identify safe actions when using the Internet.
Language objective: I can write 3 internet safety rules.
Click on the picture to begin learning.

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Play the typing game. picture from

Many teachers ask students to write a paragraph to answer a question. This is called a constructed response. You must make sure to answer the question on the test, not the one in your head. We are going to do a practice constructed response today. Please use CTRL C and CTRL V to copy and paste the part of the selection(the story they give you) into this form. In class, you can highlight the sentence or words you want to use, then copy it.

Open this PowerPoint to get step by step directions.

How to Answer a Question

Read this selection about light pollution.  Leave the selection open and switch tabs to copy and paste the details that will help you answer the question. Selection about light pollution

Question: Why is light pollution harmful?

When you have submitted your answer, try this typing game .