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Field Trip Reminders!


We have our field trip tomorrow to The Henry Ford Museum. We will be leaving school around 9:30 and returning around 2:00.All three fourth grades are going on this trip. We have many parent chaperones going too. Please remember to send a bag lunch with your student. We will be eating lunch in the museum cafeteria around 12:00.We will be indoors all day and doing a lot of walking so please wear comfortable shoes.

It will be a great day full of exploration!

Thank you for your support,

A. Cronin

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Welcome Back!

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a wonderful break. Here are just a couple of reminders.
We have a FIELD TRIP on Friday! We are going to The Henry Ford- The Towers of Tomorrow await! Please send in your permission slip. If you are a member of the museum you can join us for free!

Also, don’t forget, we have GYM today!

see everyone soon!

a. cronin

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Thanksgiving Greetings to ALL!

I hope everyone has a wonderful break.
The students came home with a name of one of their classmates. We decided to have a “secret Santa “ for our December holiday party. We agreed on the following guidelines:

-gift must be wrapped

-gift must have a gift tag made out to their classmate

-gift price can range from 5 to 8 dollars

-they can tell me who they picked and get help from me but they must try to keep it a secret from their classmates

Please help students choose an appropriate gift for their classmate. Most kids thought they would be shopping around this weekend.

Many THANKS for support and cooperation,

A. Cronin

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Balloon Parade…


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THANK YOU MRS.GRECO! Students design balloons to celebrate our Thanksgiving tradition…

Students used part of their science/engineering time with Mrs. Greco to design and create a floating balloon. Mrs. Greco bought helium balloons for groups of three. The team had to work together to create these cool balloons. Check out Mrs. Greco’s BLOG to see a video of our parade.

happy weekend,

A. Cronin

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Please wear your favorite Haigh-wear tomorrow to school. I will be wearing our new fourth grade shirts! I hope you do too!

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Good evening,

All fourth grade students brought home Information about the family history project. Please look over the papers that your student brought home. This is a wonderful opportunity for your student to learn a little more about how and why your family settled here in Dearborn. Students will be working on this project for the next two to three weeks. They will be interviewing a family member…maybe you, their parent, or a grandparent or a combination of family members.
Students are encouraged to create a presentation that is meaningful. This might include a poster board with photographs, maps, or other items that might help tell their story. This also might include one of your family members coming to school and sharing stories with our class about their journey. In the past some parents have even brought in a special treat for the class: baked goods that represent a family tradition or their culture.
I will be sending home more specific information home about the written requirements. Here are some photographs from previous years.

Many thanks for your support.


A. Cronin

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#Fourth Grade Fam!

Our shirts have arrived-we look GREAT!
Thank you for your support-everyone has a fourth grade shirt!
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Share a Can, if you Can…

Canned food drive all week!

Julianna brought in two cans today! Thank You!

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Parent-Teacher Conferences are TONIGHT!


If you had a conference schedule for last Tuesday, the SNOW DAY, I will be seeing you TONIGHT!

Thanks very much,

A. Cronin

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