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Hello to All,

We had a GRINCH day!  Students dressed up to celebrate our work looking at three different versions of this class Dr. Seuss story. We went on tha field trip to see the new movies, we read the book and today we watched  the original animated Grinch.

Manynthanks for sending in treats! Also, many thanks to Blake for getting me to buy everyone a Santa hat. Enjoy the pictures!


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Thank you to Serena’s mom and grandfather for sharing their immigration story. The class was excited to hear their story and enjoy a cheese pie from the bakery.

Please share your story with us! We can find a time that fits your schedule. We would love it!

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Tomorrow is a late start.

Friday we are celebrating THE GRINCH! Students are encouraged to wear any “Grinchwear” they might have or do their hair inspired by the characters  of WHO-VILLE. If you would like to send in a small treat that would be nice too.

Details about our HOLIDAY PARTY will be coming home soon. We will have a class party on the Friday before our break.




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“We have an INFINITE amount to LEARN both from NATURE and from each OTHER”

Greetings to All!

Students are beginning to share their family history projects. Jackson invited his grandfather to share his immigration story to the class. Today Abbas included his mother, brother, sister and cousin to hear his report. It was WONDERFUL! The students love seeing and hearing from these important family members. Please join us if you can. We would love for you to be apart of this class project.




April Cronin

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Hello Everyone!

We had a very FUN day! We started with a class talent show that was organized by a reading group as part of their “end of the book” project. It was terrific! We had singers, bakers, magicians, animators, and comedians.

Also, we had our all school PBIS CELEBRATION. We had fun bowling…turkey bowling… in the gym.

Then, this afternoon we met with our kindergarten book buddies. The fourth graders made a google slide on their chrome books about WEATHER. They shared the slide and discussed different kinds of weather. We had so much fun!

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On Friday’s we see our kindergarten book buddies. Both classes really look forward to seeing each other. Enjoy the pictures!

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Our shirts arrived today. We will order these one more time. Please send in your order forms on Monday. The shirts look great so we would like everyone to have one!

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Engineering and Energy…


Last week students worked in groups of four to create a model that showed potential and kinetic energy and how energy is transferred. Students used hot wheel tracks, dominoes, glues sticks, marbles, plastic cars and whatever else they could find in our classroom that would be appropriate. After spending about 40 minutes developing the model students had to explain to me and their classmates how their model showed potential, kinetic and the transfer of energy.

The models were all different and all successful!

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Fun, Fun , Fun!


We had a wonderful party today. Many thanks to Madina’s Mom, Serena’s mom, Gracie’s Dad and Felix’s mom for donating their time and supplies to make it such a fun day. We played BINGO, decorated mini pumpkins, created a treat bag, and worked on two Halloween crafts. Then we went outside to dance, eat donuts and drink cider. We then paraded around the school. At the end of parade route PTA GAVE EACH STUDENT A TREAT BAG! WOW! What a day!


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HALLOWEEN: Costumes and Candy oh MY!

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