Audible Book Resource

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Link below takes you to a large collection of audible books. Enjoy!

Online Instructional Resources

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The link below provides additional online resources in the content areas.,4615,7-140-28753_65803—,00.html

Miller Virtual Spirit Week

Time for Kids Free Digital Issues

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Time for Kids is offering Free Digital Issues for the rest of the school year! Click on the link below!

Raz Kids

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Raz Kids is an interactive reading program of leveled books and quizzes. They are offering a free membership for the rest of the school year. Click on the link below and subscribe if you are interested for some additional online learning in reading.

Comprehension Questions

Comprehension Questions

 Predict what may happen in this story.
 Identify the setting in this story.
(This story takes place…)
 Identify the characters in this story.
(The characters in this story are…)
 Retell what happened in this story.
o In the beginning…
o Next,
o Then,
o After that,
o In the end…
 Identify the problem in this story.
Describe how the problem was solved.
 What do you think the author is
trying to tell you in this story? Why
is it important?
 What did this story make you think
 What part did you like best in this
story? Why did you like that part?
 What strategy did you use to read
this text? How did it help you? Show
me where you used that strategy.

أسئلة الإستيعاب والفهم

 التنبؤ بما سيحدث في هذه القصة.
 التعرف على مكان وزمان القصة.
(هذه القصة تجري في …)
 التعرف على شخصيات القصة.
(الشخصيات في هذه القصة هم …)

 إعادة رواية أحداث القصة.
○ في البداية…
○ بعد ذلك٬
○ ومن ثم٬
○ بعد ذلك٬
○ في النهاية…
 تحديد المشكلة الموجودة في القصة.
العمل على وصف الطريقة المتبعة في حل
 بإعتقادك٬ ماذا يحاول المؤلف أن يقول من خلال
هذه القصة؟ وما هي أهمية هذا القول؟

 بماذا تذكرك هذه القصة؟

Access Grab and Go Meals

Writing Prompts

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I am sharing some writing prompts. Its is important that your child writes everyday in a writing journal for at least 30 minutes Your child can also draw a picture that represents their writing. Once your child is done, have your child read their writing to the family!

  1. If you could build a dream house, what rooms would it have?
  2. Write a story about going on an adventure with your best friend.
  3. Who has the best job in the world?
  4. Where do you get your best ideas?
  5. Do women today have equal rights with men?
  6. Have you ever volunteered to help someone? What did you do?
  7. What is your favorite thing to write?
  8. Imagine that you are stuck inside a TV. What will you do? What shows would you visit?
  9. What would you do if you won the lottery?
  10. Would you rather be an animal or a toy?
  11. What is the most important thing you’ve learned in school?

Dolch Word List

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Below you will find a link to dolch words by grade along with lessons to help your child read.

Sight Words Teaching Strategy

A. See & Say

A child sees the word on the flash card and says the word while underlining it with her finger.

B. Spell Reading

The child says the word and spells out the letters, then reads the word again.

C. Arm Tapping

The child says the word and then spells out the letters while tapping them on her arm.

D. Air Writing

A child says the word, then writes the letters in the air in front of the flash card.

E. Table Writing

A child writes the letters on a table, first looking at and then not looking at the flash card.

Corrections Procedure

Correct a child’s mistake by clearly stating and reinforcing the right word several times.

Home Daily Schedule

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Hope everyone is safe during this unpredicted pandemic.

It is very important to develop a routine with your child during this time. Having a daily schedule during this time will be very helpful for your child to maintain a routine.

Below you will find a sample schedule.

9:00-10:00 Wake up!Eat breakfast! Pick up your free breakfast at the school. Help set up the table and make breakfast!
10:00-11:00 ReadingRead books from your book bag! Tell your parents about your book: the beginning, the middle and the end. Go on the websites listed below to listen to read alouds with your family! Discuss Story Elements:   Characters, Setting, Problem, Solution
I-Ready 30 minutes
Art TimeDraw a picture related to your reading.
11:00-12:00 WritingWrite about your favorite story! Below you will find different topics to write about in a journal!Remember to capitalize the first letter in a sentence and end with punctuation! 
Library/MediaListen to a Story on
12:00-1:00 Lunch
Help your parents make lunch and do some exercise/brain breaks! Pick up your free lunch at the school. Go Noodle! -or- Go Play Outside! 
1:00-1:15 Music TimeSingalong with children’s music on you tube.
1:15-2:00 MathUse Zearn and practice multiplication/division facts using math flashcards from math bags.
2:00-2:30 Social StudiesRead Myself & Others and discuss with family.Make a map of your bedroom and create a key!Make a map of your house!
Physical EducationGet out and get moving! Enjoy some fresh air outside.
2:30-3:00 ScienceComplete a MysteryScience lesson!           Write the title of the lesson and 1 fact that you learned today! Draw a picture if you like.
3:00 Snack/Rest timeEat a snack and relax!