Ms. Pittman – 9th Grade World History

Fordson High School

Pages 52-54

Page 52 is the worksheet “Renaissance Background Essay.” Make sure it is annotated and that you answered the questions.

Page 53 is the worksheet “Document C/D.” Make sure it is annotated and you answered the questions.

See me if you are missing these worksheets!!

Page 54 is “People to Know – Renaissance/Reformation.” Use your textbook to write brief summary of who each of these people are and why they are important. Here is the link to the template:



SAT Words of the Week 7-8

SAT Words of the Week for 10-30-17




The unlawful taking of someone else’s property or belongings.

The man was charged with larceny after he was proven to have taken his neighbor’s lawn mower from her garage.




Very heavy ..OR.. being very boring or dull

The college students avoided a specific professor        who is known to give very ponderous lectures.




Not taking a clear stand or purposely using unclear language to deceive someone

Politicians usually equivocate during their speeches in order to avoid upsetting some of their voters.





The act of keeping something or someone

Students can learn techniques to improve their memory retention when studying for tests.




Easily frightened or cowardly

The timorous kitten was hiding behind the couch when the child came running into the room to play with it.

SAT Words of the Week for 11-6-17




 A long and angry speech

The coach went on a tirade after the players on the team were fooling around and not trying their best during practice.





Does not exist anymore ..OR.. no longer used

 I was told that my old printer is obsolete and I can not order replacement parts since they are not made anymore.





To make difficult..OR.. to slow down the process of something

The cold and wet weather hindered my ability to get to work on time since the roads were very icy.

Brevity –



 Using few words to explain something

The brevity of the presentation was appreciated by the busy and anxious staff members.




To speak about something as if you are always right

The woman was tired of listening to her mother-in- law who pontificates about how to raise children well.

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