Ms. Pittman – 9th Grade World History

Fordson High School

Bellwork #4 9/21/2017

Bellwork #4 9/21/2017

Create a Double Bubble Map. Don’t forget the frame!

MGQ: What are the similarities and differences between Buddhism and Hinduism
FGQ: Why are these similarities and differences important?

Use page 30 of your planner if you do not know how to do a Double Bubble Map.


Christianity Brace Map Page 14

Christianity Brace Map – Check page 30 of your planner to see what a brace map looks like.

Map Guiding Question: What are the sects within the Christian faith?

Frame Guiding Question: What is the source of this information? Remember to answer this question in the Frame. Use page 287 in the textbook for information.

First Branch= Christianity 

Second level= Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic Church, Protestant

Third Level= Eastern Orthodox branches into Greek Orthodox and Russian Orthodox

Roman Catholic does not branch

Protestant branches into Baptist, Methodist, Mormon, Presbyterian, Quaker,                               Jehovah’s Witnesses, and many more.



GIST Notetaking

GIST – Method of Notetaking

As you read, select the most important word (1-3) in each paragraph. Write that word in the margin. At the end of each page, write your summary using those words as your word bank. Underline or highlight the word bank words.

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