Work for the week of 3/23-2/27

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VIDEO INFORMATION: (Both videos can be found on

Monday: Please show the students the CBS video:  AMERICAN EXPERIENCE: HENRY FORD.

Please show students the video: STEVE JOBS: ONE LAST THING.

If you are absent during this week you are responsible for watching the videos above and writing the assigned essay on Friday.  The essay is to be written in class on Friday.  For each video, you are to complete a 4 square with the following categories: PERSONAL INFO- INVENTIONS/BUSINESSES- POSITIVE & NEGATIVE ATTRIBUTES- MISCELLANEOUS INFO.

You also have to complete a comparing and contrasting thinking map as your rough draft.

Here is the info for the essay: COMPARE AND CONTRAST HENRY FORD AND STEVE JOBS AS BUSINESSMAN AND AS PEOPLE. PLEASE INCLUDE HOW YOU THINK EACH HELPED SHAPED THE BUSINESS WORLD WE HAVE TODAY.  ESSAY FORMAT: Intro, 1 paragraph talking about Ford, 1 paragraph about Jobs, 1 paragraph discussing their similarities, 1 paragraph discussing their differences, 1 paragraph on their impact and a conclusion.

Ch. 4 Resources


Below is a link for the Ch. 4 Vocab Terms and the Ch. 4 Study Guide.  On the right side of the page you should see a link to the book chapters 4-6.  If you don’t, go back to February and there is a post with all of the chapter links.

If you haven’t made the flip book for the chapter, please see me for help doing that.

Vocabulary Terms 3


The test will be on Friday, March 20.