Welcome Back 2017 -2018

Hello I am looking forward to another great year here at Snow School. We have a lot of exciting activities and events planned for this year. The Cipriano Cross Country Run will be October 23rd after school. Please encourage your 4th or 5th grade child to participate. We will start practicing for the run in Physical Education class but running outside of school is encouraged. Again this year we will be doing Jump rope for heart, field day, running club, and bike day to name a few.

Please make sure your child has their gym shoes on the day they have Physical Education. If they do not have proper shoes they cannot participate.

We will focus on Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball/Jump rope, and Baseball. We will practice skills and learn strategies for each sport. This will be part of your child’s grade each marking period.

Forth and Fifth grade students will also have fitness tests. These include push ups, sit ups, sit and reach, Jump rope, and a 13 minute run for forth grade and a 15 minute run for 5th grade. Each child will try to improve on these tests through out the year.

I will also incorporate other games and sports through out the year.

I look forward to seeing you at Open House if you have questions or concerns please email me at moyerm@dearbornschools.org or call 313-827-6250