ClassDojo Points

Dear Students and Parents,

Here is the Classdojo point system and how it works!

Students are seated in tables 1-4 in our classroom. They can earn teamwork points as a table, or individual points for themselves.

Friday Rewards:

1st Friday of the month- Students need 5 points for stickers

2nd Friday of the month-  Students need 10 points for candy ( all candy will be given at the end of the day and taken home. Candy will not contain any nuts.)

3rd Friday of the month- Students need 15 points for prizes (pencils, erasers, bracelets, mini notebooks, etc.)

4th Friday of the month- Students need 20 points for the  PBIS celebration!

Special Classes Rewards:

Students can earn up to two points based on behavior in gym, music, art, media center, and science enrichment.

Positive Points:

Students can earn points by: helping others, staying on task,  turning in homework, staying quiet in the hallway,  listening to the teacher, working hard etc.

Negative Points:

Students will minus a point by: talking out of turn, off task, talking in the hallway, disrupting others, not listening to instruction, calling names, being disrespectful, inappropriate language, physical fighting, and bullying others.

Students who use inappropriate language will lose 10 points.

Note: Students who engage in physical fighting or bullying will lose all of their points and will be set back to zero.  I do not tolerate this type of behavior. They have a chance to earn the points back starting the next school day.

You will receive an invitation to view Classdojo at Parent Teacher conferences in November, so that you can see your child’s behavior points at home!

Thanks for all of your support!

Mrs. Lashchuk

Classroom Expectations

Dear Students and Parents,

Here are the classroom expectations and behavior system I implement in my class.

Classroom Expectations:

  • Be safe
  • Be respectful
  • Be responsible

Behavior Cards: All students begin on the color green everyday.

Green: Good Job!

Yellow: Warning!

Orange: Think Sheet and 1/2 of recess taken away

Red: Call Home and all of recess taken away

Blue: call home and sent to the office no recess for two days

Please review these expectations at home.

Thanks for all of your support!

Mrs. Lashchuk

Welcome Back!

Dear Parents,

I would like to introduce myself.  My name is Mrs. Lashchuk and I’m teaching your child this year at Miller Elementary!  We are learning so many new things this year!

Science: We are learning about electricity, heat, and magnets!  We will be using for Science in class and at home! Please encourage your child to use and listen to stories on these topics.

Daily 5: We are learning some comprehension strategies such as: making predictions, compare and contrast, and check for understanding.

Math: We are learning about parallel lines, perpendicular lines, and angles.  We will also use in class and at home!

Social Studies: We are learning about directions, continents, and the 5 themes of geography.

Writing: We worked on acrostic poems, all about me pages, and comic books based on classroom expectations!

I look forward to a great year!  Check my blog daily for homework, school events, and field trip information.


Mrs. Lashchuk


Summer News

Dear Parents,

Please have your son/daughter do the following at home during the summer to ensure he/she is ready for 5th grade next school year.

  1. Read everyday
  2. log on to complete math, science, reading, vocabulary lessons (1-2 lessons a day)
  3. to a story everyday and complete the comprehension questions
  4. Students were given math workbooks, reading workbooks, science textbooks, and reading textbooks to use throughout the summer too.

Have a great summer!!!!

Mrs. Lashchuk

Homework June 14th

Dear Parents,

Here is the homework for today.

As a reminder, please have your son/daughter read all summer long, work on by completing science, vocabulary, math, and reading lessons. Practice math flashcards daily for 10 minutes, and listen to stories on

  1. Read 20 minutes
  2. Math- flashcards


Mrs. Lashchuk