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Wednesday’s Homework

Don’t forget, your first AoW#4 post is due by midnight tonight.  Anything turned in after 12:00 will be considered late and will lose half credit.

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Important Information

Spirit week is next week.  It is imperative that you participate with enthusiasm…I take this week very seriously, and you should too!  Attached is the flyer with the days’ themes.  Start planning your outfits now.


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Hi Guys

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to let you all know that I have to stay in Ohio one more day to help my mom.  I miss you all very much, I’ve told my family all about you guys, and they think you’re wonderful.  I will be back on Monday.  I can’t wait to hear about all the good books you’ve been reading since I’ve been gone.  Take care and I will see you soon.


Ms J

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Tuesday’s Homework

Read and annotate AoW #1.  Bring it to class tomorrow.  I have attached the article here, in case you forgot to bring it home with you today.

AoW 1

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Notes from Friday

Here are the notes from Friday.  Please make sure that you have them copied down (and color coded) by tomorrow.

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