Important Summer Google Classroom Info – Please Read (Mr. Short)

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Haigh Community,

        I am writing tonight to inform you about an exciting new summer learning initiative for Haigh students. Research shows that children can lose substantial amounts of their education during the 3 Summer months that they are not in school.   Your support is crucial to helping us keeping your child on track.

Our teachers  have developed a Google Classroom program that will provide weekly academic practice for our students to keep their skills sharp! Each week  activities, and practice items will be shared with your student(s) in their google classroom account. These assignments are for Kindergarten through 4th grade students. Current 5th grade students will be working on assignments provided by Bryant Middle School.Your child has likely used google classroom this year but their teacher will be reviewing it with students before the end of the school year.

Tomorrow, you will be receiving a blog post from our summer learning blog.  This blog post will contain more detailed information about the program.   Moving forward, you will be updated weekly to notify you of available activities  for your student(s)s and events in the community.  This is not a mandatory program for our students, but is highly recommended to keep their skills current and to prepare them for their next grade level. We hope that your family is able to help utilize this new program and fight the summer slide!

Please email Ms. Kim Ray ( with any questions or concerns during the summer months. We look forward to a Summer full of sunshine and learning 🙂

Have a great day!

Mr. Short

Free Online Resources and Summer Activities

Dear Teachers, Parents, and Students:

This year’s summer reading theme is “Build a Better World” and the Michigan eLibrary (MeL) is here to help! Students of all ages can go to to find eBooks and articles to read, conduct research, prepare for high stakes tests like the SAT®, or maintain/improve basic skills.

MeL provides all Michigan residents free access to quality, vetted subscription databases that can be used all year.  Resources are available 24/7 and are mobile compatible.  Our awesome content providers have created a few short videos for you that highlight their resources for summer use; you can check them out on the MeL YouTube channel playlist  “Summer Slide Videos from our Partners” : ( While you are there,  be sure to subscribe to the MeL Channel, so you can keep up to date with the latest tutorials and videos from MeL!

Within MeL, you can find quality resources and weblinks organized into convenient portals.  For children from birth to 5th grade, MeL Kids ( has four centers that will help support and build basic skills such as reading and math.  For the older students in grades 6 through 12, MeL Teens ( offers a wealth of resources to not only maintain and build basic skills, but also improve research skills and help students prepare for life after high school with college or career information.  You can easily access the subscription databases in the Homework Help sections of these portals, or simply go to the A to Z database list (

This summer, stop by your local public library for programming and learning opportunities. But don’t forget to also use some of the Michgian eLibrary’s popular K-12 databases featured in the attached table. Dive into MeL to help slow down the summer slide and “Build a Better World”!


The Michigan eLibrary Team

Database Name Grade Level Features

Britannica School

Britannica Learning Zone

Britannica Elementary

Britannica Middle

Britannica High

PreK – 12

●      Change reading levels with a click

●      Read aloud feature

●      STEM resources

●      Articles, Videos, Images, Maps, Primary Sources and more!

Early World of Learning PreK – 2

●      Look and Read

●      Includes stories, nursery rhymes, songs, games, and videos.


eBooks K-8

Pre-K – adult

●      eBooks can be downloaded or viewed via PDF version

●      K-8 is a subset of the main collection and contains nearly 11,000 titles chosen to support a quality learning experience for K-8 students across all subject areas taught in elementary and middle schools

Kids InfoBits PreK – 5

●      3,000 images

●      1,700+ kid-friendly charts and graphs

●      Nearly 600 high-quality educational videos

●      Contains content in popular subject categories including Animals, Arts, Geography, Health, Literature, People, Social Studies, Technology, and more.

LearningExpress Library 4 – adult

●      Practice tests, Tutorials, and eBooks

●      College Prep Center: SAT, ACT, PSAT practice

●      School center: Math & Reading skills improvement tutorials starting in the 4th grade

NoveList K8+ PreK – 12

●      Find just the right book

●      Reading lists

●      Book reviews

Research in Context 6 – 8+

●      Designed to support the developing information and digital literacy skills of the average middle school student

●      Nearly 300 topic pages

●      750+ Science videos

Scholastic BookFLIX PreK – 3

●      Interactive eBooks

●      Pairs fiction and nonfiction texts

●      Fiction tests are Weston Woods Videos

●      Interactive games to help improve sequencing, vocabulary, and fact versus fiction

World Book for Kids PreK – 5

●      Activities and Science Projects centers

●      Learn about people, places, animals, sports, and more

●      Includes videos, images, maps, games

●      Hear text read aloud


Picnic Info

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Dear Parents,

On Wednesday, June 14th, the first graders will be celebrating the end of first grade by having a picnic in the park. We will be walking across the street to Levagood Park at approximately 9:30am, and returning at approximately 2:00pm.

This event is FREE to all students and will include a pizza lunch with watermelon, chips, cookies, and lots of water.  We also have lots of fun outdoor activities planned, including a water balloon toss!

Students will need to dress for this event, as we will be outside all day (it’s supposed to be super hot). We suggest sunblock and hats to protect from the sun, and tennis shoes to protect feet from accidents.

Permission slips are required for students to attend this event because we will be leaving school grounds. Please sign and return the permission slip (in your child’s folder) if you plan for your child to attend. Any and all parents who would like to attend are also welcome!


Ms. Otto


Picnic Donations!

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Hi Families!

After meeting with our homeroom moms for our upcoming picnic next week, we are still in need of a few donations to make our picnic great for our kids. Our end-of-the-year picnic is next Wednesday, the 14th at Levagood Park. A more detailed note about the picnic will be coming home soon.

The following donations are still needed:

  • 2 coolers filled with ice (these will be used to keep the water bottles cold throughout the day – it’s supposed to be 90 degrees).
  • Sliced watermelon – enough for 35 people (you can keep it on the rind, that way it’s nice and easy finger food)
  • 100 pre-filled water balloons – I know this sounds like a lot, but this is the most fun event we do and the kids love it. By having 100 balloons, each kid can get 4. They have a lot of neat contraptions out there where you can fill 50 balloon at once and it’s actually pretty easy.

If you are interested in donating any of the above items, please let me know ASAP.

Once again, thank you for all of your help, support and donations 🙂

Ms. Otto

Fantastic Summer Reading Resource!

Access our district iRead course anywhere in the world.  

Win prizes for reading a lot of books over the summer!

The more books students read this summer, the better the chances they’ll win a Chromebook.                                                                 

  1. Go to the Dearborn Schools website at Select “For Students.”
  2. Click on “iLearn.” They login just as they do on school district computers.
  3. The student’s login is their student number: 20xxxxxx
  4. The password needs to be typed in carefully. (All students should know it.)
  5. In the Search Courses box, Type iRead, just one word, and click on the word search.
  6. Click on the blue iRead title that says iRead-Students First: Inspire, Educate, Celebrate.
  7. Scroll down and click on the blue button that says, “enroll me.”
  8. Enter the school the school they’ll be at next year and their grade next year, saving both.
  9. Enter the name of the public library they will probably use when they go to the library.
  10. Click on “Badges” and “Bronze Badge Book Review” to add entries for books they’ve read.
  11. Under “Instructions,” students should “make a copy” of the Projects doc for add’l reviews.

 To access Clever from home or a public library     


 Go to the student page of the Dearborn Public Schools. Here’s the website:

  1. Click: Clever (Khan Academy, *myOn, MobyMax) under useful links.
  2. The student’s login is their student number:
  3. The password needs to be typed in carefully. (All students should know it.)
  4. * If you have an iPad or tablet you want to use for myOn you’ll need to click on the tablet (BLUE BOX) next to your avatar. When you click the tablet it will give you a secret code for you to login. See for help with myON.

My login: ____________________________________

My Password:____________

doc01920420170530071628 (1) (1) —Arabic Version

NWEA scores coming home today!

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Today, you will  find a copy of your child’s most recent Spring NWEA scores. Here is a quick reminder of how to read those graphs:

** I apologize, I couldn’t get colored copies, so we will go with the variation in black/grey.

Blue bar (black bar) = your student’s score (the S17 bar is the most recent test score)

Orange bar (dark grey) = the average score of all 1st graders in Dearborn Public Schools (this bar is actually not shown on the graph because it represents the average first grader in Dearborn, but the whole district is not finished testing yet, so those scores are currently unavailable)

Yellow bar (lighter grey) = the average score of all 1st graders in the country

At this point in the year, we would like to see the kids at a 184 for math and a 181 for reading. If your child didn’t quite reach that goal, it is okay. These are progressive tests and you can see the huge amount of growth they have made since September. If they are making growth, they will eventually hit their goal 🙂

I hope this helps clear things up 🙂

As always, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask 🙂

Have a great weekend,

Ms. Otto

More NWEA Practice

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The kids have been using some fantastic websites for NWEA practice. They can be found on Mr. Donelson’s blog. You can get to his blog on the homepage of our school website. The kids know what to do once they are on Mr. Donleson’s blog. They love playing the games and it really is great practice for them to prep before our test next week!

Let me know if you have any problems or questions!

Ms. Otto

Math Website

Hi Families!

I wanted to share an incredible website with you. We have used it in school, but I thought it was paid for by the district and couldn’t be used on a public server, but the good news is – I was wrong! You all have access to this great website right at home!

Here’s the link –>

When you go to the link, click the first grade button. From there, a webpage will pop up with every single Common Core State Standard. When you click on a standard, a list of fun and engaging problems will pop up for your child to practice. It’s a great resource to use to help our kids study for the upcoming and future NWEA tests.

Happy learning!

Ms. Otto


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Hi Families!

I still apologize for the huge confusion with myON. To my knowledge, it is still not working. The Clever link that is on our webpage is not linking to the myON page, which means the kids cannot log on with their username and password. But there is a silver lining!

Our district just signed-up for a more advanced version of MobyMax that is appropriate for 1st grade. I just spent quite a bit of time going through the site and browsing through the great features it has to offer (I’ll admit, I played quite a few of the games). Anyway, MobyMax is awesome because it has a bunch of activities, games, books, etc. for EVERY SUBJECT!!! It’s really neat. Similarity to myON, the kids can monitor their progress, see how much time they have spent practicing and earn points.

What’s also super awesome is that the username and password to get into MobyMax are the SAME as the ones used for myON. This means your child’s info is the same as the sticker that I put in their folder a while ago. 

This is a new program for us lower-el teachers, so we would appreciate you and your child checking it out and letting us know how you like it 🙂

The web link is:

Going back to myON, if you are still having trouble, please e-mail our Media Specialist, Mr. Neff. If you visit his blog (easily accessible from Haigh’s website) he does have directions posted there. If there is still a problem, his e-mail address is

That’s all for now!

I hope everyone has a great, relaxing and safe holiday break this week. Enjoy the extra time with family and friends – I know I will 🙂

Stay warm,

Ms. Otto


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I have had several parents ask me about our last NWEA test session in regards to when we are taking it and if there are any practice sites the kids can be using at home. To answer the first question, I do not have exact dates for when our class will be taking the test. The schedule has not been set yet, so as soon as I know, I will let you all know. It will be sometime in the next 2-3 weeks.

Of course there are websites for your student to be working on at home. I will share my blog posts that I sent out around the time of our first NWEA testing.


Hi Families!

As a reminder, we will begin our reading NWEA test within the next couple of weeks. I found a few practice sites you and your child can use at home to help prepare them for this test. These sites can be used throughout the year for extra practice too, not just for NWEA.

I wanted to post a few extra practice sites for you and your child to explore that helps prep them for the NWEA (or any online) test. These are online and are in the format of games. The kids have already played them in the computer lab with Mr. Donelson and LOVED them! They had a blast!

There are two sites, one for math and one for reading. When you click on the link, they will look similar. You will be asked to choose a RIT score for your child. For reading, EVERYONE will need to pick the first option – Below 181 for Informational and Literature, and Below 171 for Foundational Skills and Vocabulary. For math, everyone should start at the first choice (below 171). Some students may say those questions are too easy, so you can move them to the next range to give them more challenging questions. If your child is struggling with the first group of questions, please do not try to push them onto the second set of questions.

LINKS: copy and paste into new browser tab 

Reading:           <—– Below 181/171

Math:          <—– Below 161/171, unless your child feels they are ready for the next set of questions (171-180).

If you have any questions, please let me know 🙂

Ms. Otto

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