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Canton, China finds it’s way to Room 4!

Happy Sunday!

Pauly and his mom presented to his class on Friday. Pauly’s mom brought many family heirlooms to share with the kids. Each student had a chance to rub the Buddha’s tummy for a little good luck.

Many thanks for all the support and  the wonderful stories!

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Growing Up can feel a lot like being lost at sea, but the IMAGINATION is a good MAP to steer by.

good morning to all!

Students were challenged to present information about Thanksgiving. The kids were randomly paired up and given some examples of ways to present: slide show, rap song, a play. So far we have seen those three presentations. Two students chose to make a film. They brought in some equipment, set up a working space in the hallway, and went about creating their “masterpiece”. We will see the finished project next week…just in time for the holiday. Here are some photographs. Enjoy!

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Merci! Gracias! Danke sehr! Shukran! Dziekuje! Tack! Thank You!

Greetings Parents and Students!

We are coming to the end of our family immigration project. It has been an incredibly wonderful experience for me and for our students. Thank you so much for sharing part of your story with me and my class. Thank you for your generosity-with your time, support, and the variety of tasty treats that you and your students brought to class.

Next week brings us the Thanksgiving holiday. I sincerely hope that all of you are  able to spend some time with friends and family. The last three weeks I have heard so many family stories of courage, determination, and love.

Peace and Love to ALL of YOU.


a. cronin


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The BEAUTY of the WORLD lies in the DIVERSITY of its PEOPLE!

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An Incredible Journey

Greetings Parents,

Our class has been listening to incredible stories of families immigrating from different countries to the United States. Today Hadi’s dad told us his amazing story which began when he was eleven years old. Our class was really impressed with Hadi’s dad determination to have a better life. The journey started in Iraq, then went to Saudi Arabia, next to New York and finally Dearborn, Michigan.

Thank you for sharing your stories with us!

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Student Presenters!

Students present their family projects to their classes. Stories from Poland, Iraq and Croatia!

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Family history project-Poland, Iraq and Croatia!

Greetings Parents!

Many thanks for your support and cooperation with our fourth grade family history project. I have been so impressed with the work that students have done and the incredible stories that are being shared by  these students.

Today three students presented-Darin shared his family story about his great grandparents journey from Poland to escape the war between Poland and the Soviets. Diyar shared his family story about parents leaving Iraq to start a new life here in Michigan. Scott wrote about great grand parents coming from Croatia for more opportunities in America.

I am looking forward to hearing more family stories. Please join us if you can.


a. cronin

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Fourth grader and our friend Zein, from Mrs. Izbicki’s class, brought his new bird to our class today. Zein prepared a report, brought in supplies that the bird needs, and allowed students to pet or hold the bird if they wanted to. Zein’s father also came along to help with the bird. It was a very fun event.

Thank you Zein for sharing this special part of your life!

Enjoy the photographs!

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Today we were treated to a wonderful visit from a student’s grandmother and great grandmother!

Ellie invited part of her family to our class today to discuss her family’s journey ( on her mom’s side) from Sweden to America. It really was a wonderful experience for all. Students asked questions and found out about one family’s experience. Elli’s grandmom’s  also brought homemade “Swedish” cookies for all of us to try. Mr. Short also stopped by to enjoy this great opportunity. I hope more moms, dads, and grandparents are able to join their student on this journey of discovery.


a. cronin

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