Until Next Time

Hey guys,

I was so disappointed that the weather was so horrid on Thursday night that we were unable to report to school yesterday. I wanted to spend the day with you all, reminding you of how much I am going to miss you! Reminding you of how much you mean to me!

Please know that though this was the right decision for me, and my family, it was not easy. I will miss each of my students, and the staff, immensely and I wish you nothing but the best.

I will be in the building for home games through the duration of the girls basketball season. PLEASE come by and say hi! You can also reach me at my email: bioteach21@gmail.com Lastly, if you need to give something to me, you can pass it along to Mr. Kelly or Mr. Apple and they will be glad to deliver it to me.

Thank you for making my last 4 years one I will never forget. EACH of you has taught me a great deal about teaching, learning, compassion, and myself. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

This is not a goodbye but an “until next time.” I look forward to seeing you all in the future, whether it be at a sporting event, out in public, or potentially a graduation ceremony in 4 years. I can’t wait to see who you grow up to be.

I will miss you more than words can explain.

Until next time,

Ms. Ziegler

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Vocab Quiz Tomorrow

Hello class!

Tomorrow is your quiz on your wave vocab words and graphs. I know you will do great! Just review pages 38-39 in your ISN and you will be fine!

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Semester 1 is done!!!

Congrats on finishing Semester 1! Your final grades are posted 🙂

I can’t wait to start Semester 2 with you on Monday 🙂

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Study Guide

We have our midterm this Wednesday!

Attached is the study guide that you received in class.
Study Guide-Midterm

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This week in Science, we are finishing up the NWEA and exploring sound and how it involves vibrations. Next week we will review for our midterm!

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What’s to Come in Semester 1?

Here are some important dates to remember as we finish the Semester! Finish Strong guys! You can do it!!!!

-NWEA Friday 1/12
-MLK Day-OFF Monday 1/15
-Midterm: Wednesday 1/24 – Friday 1/26** Stay Tuned for SPECIFIC date!
-Notebook Quiz sometime before Wednesday 1/24
-Bellwork due on Wednesday 1/24
-Half Days Friday 1/26 and Monday 1/29

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What a GREAT week before break!

We have finished our unit on space and gravity and we are moving quickly into our unit about waves.

Be safe on your break and make sure you are ready for the rest of the semester! It will end before you know it.

**Enjoy this lovely musical attempt during our most recent lab!


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Study Guide for the Unit Test

If you misplace your study guide, use this link to access it from home. This is due TOMORROW!

Also, make sure you use your dearborn schools email to access it!

Study Guide Unit 2

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Unit Test- 12/14

I just wanted to take a moment to remind you that our Unit Test is scheduled for Thursday December 14th. It will be a paper and pencil test worth over 50 summative points.

**You will receive a study guide on Tuesday to help you prepare for the test!**

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This week in Science

Welcome back! I hope you all had a relaxing break with your family! I know I enjoyed the time seeing my family, eating great food, rock climbing, and celebrating my future niece at her baby shower!

This is another busy week in Science with two labs! Here is the tentative plans:

Monday- Discussion of our break (circles), set up for lab, satellite review
Tuesday- Eclipse Lab
Wednesday- Eclipse Lab
Thursday- Eclipse Lab and Reflection
Friday- Round and Round Lab set up!

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