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Week of 9/27/2020

Our first grade students (and parents) are doing a wonderful job. It can be quite difficult to learn a new website (Schoology) as well as all of the other pieces and parts we need to make our day run smoothly.

There are 5 more students who are finishing up their NWEA/reading tests. These students will be contacted individually for a quick zoom meeting after our class to complete their work. Then we will be done testing!!!!

Starting this week: We will do a practice week of spelling. Students received a spelling notebook in their blue reading bag. Each day we will go through the steps to complete the spelling homework and then the following week students will complete their spelling on their own with a spelling test at the end of every week.

After completing their NWEA tests students received a folder with Week 4 – Week 10 work. We will be using these packets in class so please make sure they are kept in a safe spot with all of the students materials. If a student looses their packet we will be unable to supply a new one and they will have to use a piece of paper (which may create more work and stress for the student and parent).

Starting next week October 5th: Homework assignments will receive a grade based on completion (not correct answers). Homework is a part of the report card and so students that are not turning in their daily homework will be loosing credit in this area.

Please make sure students are comfortable making their homework videos on schoology / logging into Zearn / logging into BrainPop/ logging into Benchmark . If you need help please following these directions below:

Homework videos (watch this video for directions)

Zearn (watch this video for directions)

BrainPop (watch this video for directions)

Benchmark (watch this video for directions)

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