NWEA Winter Break Work

Remember! NWEA begins the week that we return from Winter Break. We will begin testing on Wednesday 1/8/20.

Below is the link for NWEA practice for over winter break. All students will have to complete 180 minutes on Khan Academy. (THIS WILL BE A SUMMATIVE GRADE!!)


Log in through CLEVER and go to KHAN Academy. Once in KHAN Academy type in mappers in the search bar.

You will have to put in your current Fall scores which can be found in your My Learning Plan in your planners. If you do not have your current scores, please use 226 for each of the sections. Change to Math 6+.

Have a great Break and Happy New Year!!!

Test Tomorrow and Extra Credit

All classes will have their Linear Functions Test tomorrow.

Extra Credit is due tomorrow before the test begins. (2 points)

Extra Credit Directions:

  1. Fold the blank paper in half
  2. Cut out the labels and glue Linear on one side and Non-Linear on the other side
  3. Cut out the graphs, data tables and equations and glue them under the correct side (liner or non-linear)
  4. Under each write why it is linear or non linear

Test Tomorrow – Comparing Functions

In preparation for your test tomorrow, please review the following items.

  • How to find the initial value and rate of change on an equation
    • y = 4x + 7 (the rate of change = 4 , the initial value = 7)
  • How to find the initial value and rate of change from a sentence/ story problem
    • Plant B was 9 inches tall when it was planted, and grew 3.5 inches year. (Initial value = 9, rate of change = 3.5)
  • How to find the initial value and rate of change from a graph
    • Initial Value is when the lines crossed the y axis (up and down) and rate of change is finding 3 points on the graph and finding the change of two “y” values and 2 “x” values.