The Kingdoms Lost Crown

Chapter 1


         “Izzy.  Izzy wake up.”  My eyes squinting at as my parents throw open the blinds.   “Hi mom, hi dad, looks like someone is at least having a good morning.”  I throw my blanket over my face to eclipse the blinding bright sun. “Good morning sweetie, now go eat breakfast.” I grunt in reply.  I get up and make my way to the table. But I feel tense. Like something bad is going to happen, but I ignore it.

Just then a flash of mini white and purple fur collapse on me.  “Ofh, nice to see you to Apollo.” I scratch him behind the ear and he playfully runs off.  I stand, and across the table their mom and dad stood. “Mom, dad? Are you guys ok?”

They both look at me.  Dads eyes wet and apologetic and moms were watery.  She never cries. “We love you honey and you should always know that” dad said.  “I’m so sorry” Mom says and breaks down. “Mom! Dad! What’s wrong.” I shout. Just than a black hole appeared behind them.  “We love you” they said in union. And they were sucked into the darkness. And all I see is darkness.”

I sit up, gasping.  I groun, “Another nightmare”.  Just then Apollo came rushing to see what was the matter.  He snuggled against me as if to say it was alright. “Apollo i’m fine I just had the nightmare again.”  I’ve started to have nightmares about my parents. They disappeared just when I was 10. So now i’m an orphan.   But that was 7 years ago. My parents kept a lot of secrets back then I barely knew much about them.

✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣

       I get up and walk to the window from my perch in the tree I have the best view.  Though I bet my treehouse won’t be able to hold up much longer but it counts as a house.  It’s big and durable. And hid me for 7 years. And I bet it could hold Apollo and me for many years to come.  If I could get enough money to feed us both. But i’m thankful we lived this long. I sigh but there is more purks of living in a treehouse in the woods.  I don’t get to pay taxes. I go to the kitchen and Apollo is their sitting near the door. I glance at the table, no food I chuckle he always knows when we need to stock up.  “Ok, smart guy, just let me get changed”.

I go back into my bedroom and look around.  I walk up to my mirror and the first thing I see is my chain with two tags with some strange writing.  It was the only thing I have from my parents apart from Apollo. It had some strange writing but I knew it was important because I had it from birth.  We were very poor but I always thought of how we could afford Apollo. He has the same tags on his neck but different writing. He also has a diamond collar that I have no idea how my parents could afford it.

I once tried to take it off but it was stuck there it didn’t even move.  I used to wonder what breed of dog he was but then found out he was a wolf.  His tag on his collar had the answer. It said Apollo, breed wolf, belongs to Richard, Sofia, and Izzy (Isabelle) Smith.  It does feel good to see my parents name once and a while. I then hear a bark on annoyance. I rip my eyes away from the mirror.  I grab my clothes and get dressed quickly. I run back to the door. “Apollo?”, “ruff!” I go to the stairs and look down. He’s sitting near the end of the steps waiting.  I grab my bag and run down.

We stop by Willy’s house before going to the Square.  But he isn’t there. I shrug and start walking to the square.  Willy has gone through a hard time these past few years. If you are poor you have to have a limited amount of children.  Which isn’t much, the limit is three. But poor Willy had four. They executed his youngest and most spiritual daughter Amy.  He was heartbroken. Willy was like my new father, he always tried to help me. And he also helped me build my treehouse.

  ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣

           As we entered the Square I rushed through my bag looking for any money. Nothing, I sigh, there’s only one thing to do.  I need to steal some food. Apollo looks at me like he knows what i’m thinking. “You know what to do, distract the apple guy”.  The smell of crisp apples make my mouth water. I watch Apollo, he runs off grabs an apple out of the stand and started to run. “Hey, get that dog!”  the apple guy shouted and started to run after Apollo. I calmly walk past the stand and grap as many apples as I can and threw them into my bag and started to run.  I look back to see if anyone was chasing me and bumped into something hard.

I see a flash of a blue uniform as I fell.  Police! I thought. I dropped my bag and my apples fell out one by one.  I looked up recovering my senses and I was correct, police. I hesitated watching his hand fidget toward his pole.  Then I flew into action, grabbing my apples tossing them into my bag and started to run. “Thief!, thief!” I heard him shouting but I don’t look back.