Thursday 3-28-19

Thursday 3-28-19
  • No Red Ink Claim, Evidence, Reasoning Practice- Earn two green badges by Friday 3/29 at 11:59pm. No excuses!!!
    Spirit Day tomorrow
    Pajama Day- dress in APPROPRIATE pajamas for School Spirit!
    4:08 PM
    1st and 2nd hours-
    3 MARCH Journal Squares due tomorrow! Fix or finish whatever needs to be finished!
    5th HR- See student connect after 6pm tonight to see if you are MISSING any journal squares for March. Check my blog for the rules if needeed!
J Square #1-  no rule
J Square #2- Include a LESSON or Theme in your writing
J Square #3-  Write in 1st person, AND Add at least one type of Conflict
(Character vs ____).

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