Tuesday 3-19-19

Tuesday 3-19-19
All hours: due tomorrow-
2 Sacagawea Articles- Read and annotate using your annotation starters. Hilight unknown words to add to your VV
All hours: Due on TH by 11:59pm
IXL Prepositions
5th (Level G) HH1, HH3
6th (Level H) FF1, FF3
85% or higher expected for all 4 skills
Bring Book Swap Books all this week to earn raffle tickets and a Book Voucher for Monday’s Book Swap.
Lowrey’s Scholastic Book Fair is this week Tues- Thursday and next week Tues- Thursday.  Bring $ to school to visit the Book Fair.
TOMORROW by midnight is the last day to enter the Lowrey School Short Story Contest for March is Reading Month.  Use Google Classroom by grade level to submit your stories with the theme of EMPATHY.  You can type your story right in Google Classroom, or add an attachment from your files.  See your ELA teacher for help or questions.

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