The William Ford Zoo is Under Construction

The William Ford Zoo has been under construction since April, 2016, and is scheduled to open on Wednesday, June 8, 2016. For opening day, students will be on hand to discuss and answer questions about their animal and its habitat.

Students have done several activities to prepare their zoo. Each student researched a different animal. They read several books and watched videos about their animal. Then, they used the writing process to write informational pieces about their animal. Also, they made dioramas of the animal habitats to display in their zoo. Lastly, students began the process of transforming their classroom into a zoo. They designed the layout after reading and analyzing the Detroit Zoo map. They noted how animals were grouped, and studied the different map symbols and key. Students grouped their animals based on their habitats, named the zoo, and included other important details, such as restroom and ATM locations. They each created their own copies of the map once they agreed upon the layout.

In addition to the actual William Ford Zoo, students created a virtual zoo to accommodate online visitors. The virtual zoo includes pictures of each section of the William Ford Zoo. Each picture contains an icon that links visitors to video clips of each child discussing their animal and its habitat.

We hope you will enjoy your visit, in person or online!

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