June Meeting with Mrs. El-Mubarak

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WBL Non-CTE Guidelines

“This is not just a part-time job!”

WBL stands for Work Based Learning, previously known as Co-op or Work Experience. CTE stands for Career and Technical Education and is assigned per a student’s career goals and Education Development Plan (EDP).

Goals:  The goals of this program are to explore career options, teach employability and technical skills, develop a sense of personal responsibility, gain occupational hands-on skills, promote teamwork and an accountability to the company’s success, foster a mindset to show initiative, relate academic and technical class learning to the job, and to provide alignment with the student’s career pathway and educational development plan. The placement may also provide advancement opportunities.

Here is a copy of all of the WBL guidelines:

Quick Guide to Non CTE WBL (Co-Op)-2018-19