Physical Activity Calendars

I have attached the physical activity calendars that I have had posted in my Google Classroom here so that you can access them after the school year is closed if you wish. These can be helpful in motivating you to be active during the summer.

I encourage everyone to stay as active as they can over the summer. Physical activity is great for your body, but can also help mend the mind and spirit during difficult times like we are facing now.

Stay safe and active. Have a great summer!

Field Day

This week’s PE lesson is a virtual Field Day. Field day is my favorite event of the year so I am very sad we were not able to have it this year. I have prepared 12 stations and the assignment is to choose 8 to complete them. There is an activity log to fill out to turn in for credit, but it is a little different than the previous logs. The log asks for scores or whether or not you were able to complete the challenge of the activity. You are welcome to do all 12 stations if you would like but only 8 are required. You can do them all in one day or spread them out over the week.

4th Card Marking Report Card

I just wanted to remind everyone that the special areas will be graded the same way as the assignments for each grade level class. I am to assign meeting (M), progressing (P), or limited participation (LP) for each student. Two of the areas for PE are Sportsmanship and Citizenship. I will be leaving these areas blank as I cannot assess them. The grade will be under the “fitness test” area.

Please know that Mr. Cares, Mrs. Webber, and I all understand how difficult this new learning situation is for all of you. We understand that not everyone may be able to complete all of the work that is assigned to them for every subject. Please know that if you are marked limited participation you are not “failing” PE, art, or music. We are required to keep track of each student and what they are doing for our class during this time and this is the way we are supposed to do it. There is no judgement from us if you did not complete some or any of the work for our classes. Everyone’s situations are different and we cannot possibly know why each student did not complete work, but know we understand if you did not. Limited participation has many definitions but failing is not one of them.

I am not marking points down for late work submitted so please feel free to complete and submit your logs any time between now and the end of the year. As always, if there is anything I can do to help or make your life easier, please reach out. I miss you all!.

DIY Jump Rope

Jump rope is one of the best physical activities you can do. There are so many tricks to learn, the fun is endless! Below is a YouTube video I came across with directions on how to make your own jump rope out of old T-shirts.

DIY Jump Rope from Old Tshirts

Ballet Breaks

Calling all ballet dancers! The New York City Ballet is hosting free online “Ballet Breaks” daily at 11:00 AM. These are designed for children ages 3-8. You do need to register for the events ahead of time, as they only allow 1,000 participants per day. You will also need Zoom to stream the videos. Check out the link below for more info.

Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! You all deserve an extra special celebration for helping our students through this tough time!

This weekend is the perfect time to be active as a family. Ask your mom what her favorite physical activity is and get working with her! Feel free to send me some pictures of you and your mom being active together.

District PE Blog

Hi everyone! Our PE department has started a blog with activity ideas you can use as a resource if you are looking for new ideas to be physically active. Each day (Mon-Fri) there is a new post with a few activity ideas. There is also a section each day for nutrition and healthy eating. Follow the link below to access the Elementary PE Blog. There are also blogs for Middle School PE and High School PE.

Office Hours

Hi everyone! I will be available for office hours on Wednesdays between 11AM and 12PM by email. I will guarantee a quick response during those times. If you need assistance at other times, please email and I will respond as soon as I can. I usually get to those pretty quickly as well.

Google Classroom access code: s5exjx5


Thursday Spirit Day

Leo and I are showing off our bright colors today!

Mrs. Waidmann and her son Leo celebrating Thursday’s spirit day with bright colors.

Spirit Week

Mrs. Waidmann and her son Leo showing off their superhero spirit.

Leo and I are enjoying Superhero Day today! Hope you are showing your spirit as well.

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