Mar 14

P.E. Classes – Fitness Next Week While School is Closed

As we are not in-school next week, students who attend Stout Middle School and are enrolled in P.E. classes, we are asking that you do the following activities to continue to remain active while school is closed:


20-30 minutes of physical activity walking/elevated heart rate. These might include playing soccer or basketball outside.

Please write down your activities in a daily planner/log.


15-minute walk/run, 1 minute push up, 1 minute sit ups.

Please write down times and fitness scores in your daily planner/log.


Stretching, 15 minute walk/run, cool down.

Please write down your activities in a daily planner/log.

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Mar 03

Attention Middle School Wrestling Practice & Tournament…

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The high school wrestling coaches for Dearborn High, Edsel Ford High and Fordson High School would like to run a week of practices and a culminating tournament for middle school wrestlers (free of charge). 

Currently, we don’t have middle school wrestling teams, but there are numerous middle school wrestlers (club teams) that wrestle in various tournaments in the Metro-Detroit area.  Our high school coaches want to promote wrestling and their programs by running this week of practices and the tournament.  We would run the practices at all 3 high schools the week of March 23rd -27th, 2020 (Monday – Thursday) with Dearborn High School hosting the final tournament on Friday, March 27th, 2020.

For more information, please contact Mr. Frank Serazio, Stout Athletic Director at

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Mar 02

Parent Education Meeting this Thursday, March 5th, 2020

Dear Parents,

On Thursday, March 5th from 9:30am to 10:30am we will be hosting our next Parent Education Meeting in B2. Transform your child’s behavior at home and at school with a few important guidelines. We will be training you in the best strategies for how to question, support and guide your child through a life of success. This will be Part 1 of 2, in-depth parent workshops. Make sure to share with other parents who want to work on this struggle. We look forward to seeing you! As always, there will be snacks and refreshments for you to enjoy, as well as raffles for those in attendance. As an additional incentive, we will give ALL parents in attendance a voucher for 1 free snack at a future bake sale!

Yours in Education,

Mr. Oke, Principal

Mrs. Faraj, Assistant Principal

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