Mar 23

DSHINES Physical Activity and Healthy Eating Activities for Families and Students

As part of our DSHINES partnership with Stout Middle School, we aim to provide schools with programming that helps improve the health and well-being of students. My colleagues & I, along with DSHINES are committed to this mission, now more than ever.

We want to continue to work with you to ensure that every family has access to high-quality physical activity and nutrition resources that they can use right in their homes. Below are several resources to provide you with daily healthy eating and physical activity lesson plans that you and your families can do at home.

Also note we have translated versions that are available in the link below.

Here are the links to this week’s content:

Middle School Lessons in English

Middle School Lessons in Arabic

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Mar 23

Monday, March 23rd, 2020: A Video Message from Principal, Mr. Oke

As we begin the second full week of the mandatory school closure, Mr. Oke, the Principal of Stout Middle School wanted to take a few minutes to share what Mrs. Faraj, the Assistant Principal and other teachers & staff have been working on for the past week. Please watch the video linked below to find out how Stout teachers & staff have spent their past week and what you may continue to do to ensure that you are learning online until we return to Stout on Monday, April 13th, 2020! 🙂

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Mar 21

Weekend Obstacle Course to Try…

These are just some ideas to keep everyone physically active during their “down-time”…

Obstacle #1:  Make a basketball lay-up.

Obstacle #2:  Make a free throw.

Obstacle #3:  Make a 3-pointer.

Obstacle #4:  Ride the bike (waiting by the 3 point line) down the driveway and around the cul-de-sac and back.

Obstacle #5:  Run a lap around the perimeter of our yard/lot.

Obstacle #6:  Ride your bike around our subdivision.

Obstacle #7:  25 Jumping Jacks.

Obstacle #8:  Kick a football over our “field goal posts” (two trees that have a lower branch).

Obstacle #9:  20 Squats.

Obstacle 10:  Kick a soccer ball into the goal.

Obstacle #11:  5 Burpees.

Obstacle #12:  Shoot an arrow into the target.

Obstacle #13:  Hit 10 balls off the tee, into the hitting net (baseball) .

Remember, to stay physically active as much as possible and be safe! 🙂

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Mar 14

P.E. Classes – Fitness Next Week While School is Closed

As we are not in-school next week, students who attend Stout Middle School and are enrolled in P.E. classes, we are asking that you do the following activities to continue to remain active while school is closed:


20-30 minutes of physical activity walking/elevated heart rate. These might include playing soccer or basketball outside.

Please write down your activities in a daily planner/log.


15-minute walk/run, 1 minute push up, 1 minute sit ups.

Please write down times and fitness scores in your daily planner/log.


Stretching, 15 minute walk/run, cool down.

Please write down your activities in a daily planner/log.

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