Dec 13

Mature Overhand Throw

8th grade Stout Middle School student Zaid Fakhouri demonstrate an excellent example of an overhand mature throw.  Notice how he transfers his weight from the back-side of his body to the front side of his body.  Additionally, he follows through to his target — in this case it is the padded wall.  Well done, Zaid!

In athletics, the Stout Falcons boys basketball team played an outstanding contest against the Salina Wildcats on Thursday afternoon.  Although they weren’t victorious, the Falcons played well using both their offense as well as stellar defense to keep the contest close.  Nice efforts, Falcons!  Many Stout students came to cheer and encourage their classmates — and what’s most important…they did so with class!

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Dec 10

Wednesday, December 10 – Friday, December 12

Students will participate in another game of low organization.  PrisonDodge.  This game, like ScatterDodge once again focuses on cardiovascular endurance, as well as throwing form & technique, however, it is team game as opposed to a individual game.  Like a lot of team games, strategy is essential and students are given multiple opportunities to create strategies that work best for them and their classmates.


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Dec 09

Monday, December 8

Today in class, students once again participated in ScatterDodge with a couple modifications; that is, we used different-sized rhinoskin dodgeballs.  This can help students work on hand-eye coordination and strengthen the muscles about the shoulder when learning to throw overhand with proper technique.  Students were shown a mature throwing model and how when using their lower bodies to throw, it will help them become more accurate.

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Dec 07

Active Dynamic Warm-Up

Active dynamic warm-ups are excellent because they break away from the “norm” about warming your body up.    For instance, jogging can become boring.  Therefore an active dynamic warm-up will prepare the entire body for class.  We warm our bodies up because it helps prevent injuries and it increases circulation, letting our muscles perform better.  Here’s a great video of some of many active dynamic warm-ups that we have done and will do in our class.

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Dec 07

Friday, December 5, 2014

In class today, students participated in ScatterDodge.  This form of dodgeball is an individual activity that has students work individually on their throwing skills and cardiovascular health — the reason is is because students are always moving and there is literally no sitting or downtime.  Anytime we play any form of dodgeball we must understand that this is a safe game if is played correctly and the expectations are clearly defined.

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Dec 03

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Please be sure to bring your classroom supplies for each and everyday to class.  In addition, it’s important to turn in your signed syllabus/class room agreement no later than Friday, December 3, 2014 by both you and your parents.  Students who do not turn in their signed syllabus will be unable to participate until it is turned in — it’s also worth 10 points.  Mr. Vietinghoff


personal_responsibility_areaIn athletics, the Stout LadyFalcons swam at home against the Polar Bears of Lowrey Middle School. They swam well winning the meet!  Nice job, ladies.

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Dec 02

First Day of Physical Education Class


Good evening!  During 5th & 6th hour today we took the time to go over the class syllabus.  Please, be sure that you bring clothing and footwear (e.g., running shoes, etc.) that are appropriate for class participation.  You will be graded daily on your participation, your sportsmanship and conduct during class activities, as well as the effort and how hard you work!  Please remember even in physical education class that “learning is hard work!”  Mr. Vietinghoff




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