Dec 02

Basketball Class Action Shots

Kath Mujalli uses his speed & strong ball-handling skills to untangle his opponents!

Loose Ball Action…

 Tashawn Williams with the drive and tip & finish off of the miss!


Our Eighth (8th) Grade Students Are Talented in Basketball; whether it be from a class perspective or from an athletic point-of-view in playing on the Boys’ Middle School Team.  Look for superstar phenoms Hakeem Elgahmi & Dushaw Harris to take over in high school next school year.

Good play from Both Teams…

Panoramic Lense Captures All the Action! 🙂 

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Nov 21

How to Perform a Basketball Lay-Up Correctly

Content Objective:

I can…review the main components of the basketball lay-up & practice both right-handed and left-handed lay-ups and apply this into game play.

Language Objective:

I can…orally discuss with my group the main components of successfully completing a basketball lay-up.

Please view the YouTube video below, which demonstrates the main components of the basketball lay-up:

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Nov 06

Backstroke the Right Way

Last week Thursday, November 2 & Friday, November 3, 2017 our learning target(s) were as follows:

Content Objective:

I can learn & apply the main components of the backstroke and participate in a partner swim to increase my stroke technique and cardiovascular endurance.

Language Objective:

I can orally explain to my partner two (2) things they are doing really well in their backstroke and one (1) component that they can improve on.

Please view the video below by Speedo, which shows the correct technique in performing a backstroke.

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Nov 01

Circle it Up! Empathy & Sympathy: Do They Mean the Same or Something Different?

During Circle it Up!, my colleague and friend Mr. Tapp & I continued our discussion with eighth (8th) grade students on empathy & sympathy.


Here is the full YouTube video that was watched during the lesson.  I encourage you to watch it & stop it to think and reflect.

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Oct 24

6th Annual Robert Cipriano Cross-Country Run a Rainy Success!!

Edward (6th grade) & Roman Vicary (7th grade) of Stout Middle School prior to the start of the boys 6th-8th grade race.   The weather wasn’t the most agreeable, however, it shows great character for student-participants to have come out with their parents/guardians to participate in the race! 

8th grade phenom, Murad Mohammed participated for the third (3rd) straight year.  Everyone will be hearing great things when he attends one of our Dearborn high schools next year as a student and as a participating student-athlete in either cross-country or track & field.

Anthony Rocha, a 7th grade student stops for a post-race shot.  Wow, it was cold & wet outside! 🙂 

Race results can be found by ‘clicking’ the following link:


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