Making Connections & The Use of Sentence Stems for Learning Target(s)

During yesterday’s Advisory period, Mr. Tapp & I taught eighth (8th) grade students about making connections (Thanks to Mrs. Wiacek for the great lesson).

Our framing question students considered…

Water of Visibility displayed to students.  People are like iceberg’s.  The iceberg above the water is only a small part of the whole thing.  The largest part of the iceberg is hidden below the water and can only be seen when you are close enough to investigate.  This then, is similar in people 🙂 

A work product of an eighth (8th) grade student:

Here are one of  my class(es) Learning Target(s) from yesterday, where we asked student’s to complete the sentence stem.  Here at Stout we are respectful, responsible and safe, always,…in the classroom, in the gym, in the locker room, in the cafeteria, hallways, etc. 


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