Oct 29

Important Information Regarding Thursday, October 31st – Stout Middle School’s Dress Code for Halloween.

Any costumes must be consistent with the dress code policy and MAY NOT interfere with the learning process or the teaching in the classroom.

The following rules must be followed if a student chooses to wear a costume:

  • No Props or Weapons of ANY KIND
  • No Masks
  • No Make-up
  • No Hats or Wigs
  • No Costumes that are revealing
  • Skirts and shorts must meet the fingertip length rule
  • Nothing offensive
  • Nothing distracting
  • No fake (or real) blood

Any violators will be asked to change or be sent home. 
In Middle School, classes do not celebrate Halloween, students should not bring bags of candy to school to distribute or any other treats. This causes a disruption to learning in the classroom, in the hallways at lockers, and during lunch. 

Mr. Oke, Principal

Mrs. Faraj, Assistant Principal

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Oct 18

PBIS Rewards Day for Dodgeball Tournament

Dear Stout Falcons,

We are currently taking teams for the PBIS Rewards Day for Dodgeball for our first school event. Please put together a team of 10-12 players, who are eligible to participate in the celebration. Write their first and last name and the grade of the team.  We will have 4 teams from each grade participating.  If we have more than four teams submitted for a grade level, we will select the four participating teams randomly from a drawing.  Please give your team sheet to Mr. Sam Haddad in room F-8.

Mr. Vietinghoff

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