Dearborn Schools District-wide singalong on March 25. Song composed by Mr. Jim Walters, Honors Choir director and teacher and Snow & Long Elementary Schools. MP3 version is below:

Reading is for Me MP3

Download the lyrics below:
Reading is for me LYRICS

Download the musical score below:
Reading is for Me/Notation

INFORMATION ABOUT THE RECORDING-from the composer himself!

Singers, in order of appearance:

Miranda Fothergill, Dbn High
Westley Montgomery, Dbn High (Singing with Mrs. Pegouske. It’s not Mr. Walters, it’s Westley!)
Bella Fothergill, Dbn High
Olivia Sabellico, Snow Elem
Elena Calderon, Snow Elem
Emily Mihalik, Dbn High
Jennifer Pegouske, Vocal music teacher, Honors Choir director
Jim Walters, Vocal Music Teacher, composer of song, producer

And what about that laugh in the middle? Bella Fothergill was laughing at something else while we were getting ready to sing. I just pasted and cut the laugh in the song. Just sounded right, I guess.

Mr. Jim Walters

Song Produced at Snow and Long school studios using Garage Band and Logic.

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