COMPOSITIONS for RECORDER by Howard 4th Graders MAY 2018

If you click on the title, you will be able to see the written composition.  Each composer has recorded their composition so you can hear it.

When Spring Comes by Mustafa Bazzi+

When I Fly by Ayat Hassan

Let the Sun Shine by Ari Cortes

Winter By Zahraa Marji

Mystery of Midnight by Zenaida Quiroz

Here is a composition written by Jillian Ventura when she was 13 years old. She improvised on the piano – she “messed” around until her ideas grow into a composition. This composition, Toccata in a minor, took about a year to complete. Click below to listen.


You can also click below and download the piano “score” (sheet music) and play the piece yourself!


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