3rd grade with Mrs. van proeyen

Dearborn Public Schools

Social Studies

2-13-18 Unit 2 Student Book for Economics

Unit 2 Student Book economics


Review for Unit 4


Unit 4 Student Book


this is homework tonight…copy my answers and the students do the other 2 boxes

frayer model missionary


Unit 3 History study guide

Possible test date 12-14-17


search for van proeyen (it’s under history)



On Monday I will be assigning a project to create an Native American Village of one of the Michigan tribes….here’s the link to the assignment and a cool page (a different teacher’s blog) that may be very useful…


CreateanIndianVillageProject (2) (1)



see the student book for History (our new unit)… Don’t print just use for info and reviewing….

unit 3 student book History


the 2 papers below were done in class.  It is expected that if they were not completed today that they are done by Friday…(I didn’t write it in their planners today, but I will tomorrow 🙂 )

frayer primary source

frayer secondary source




this is the “diamond paper” (frayer model) for peninsula… your child should have a copy in their social studies folder to finish if it wasn’t finished in class





this is the review for the social studies test….in case your child lost it 🙂

Review for Unit 1 Social Studies Geography


9-22-17 (quiz Thursday)

Michigan Map



Below you will find a link to Unit 1, geography of Michigan….

DO NOT make copies of the whole book! It is to be used to review vocabulary and to help study for tests and quizzes 🙂

SS unit one student book










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