3rd grade with Mrs. van proeyen

Dearborn Public Schools

Class Info


Parent meeting notes:

  • Planners (check them every night)
  • There is lots of information posted on my blog including science and social studies information
    • if you do not have a computer, table, or smartphone at home then the library does have computers for students to use
  • Snack sales to raise money for field trips, Scholastic News (already ordered), extra activities (healthy chips $1.00)
  • Regular snacks in class (healthy and no chocolate or juice)
  • B-day treats (NO big cupcakes or cakes…You CAN send small bags of chips, cookies, juice boxes/bags, tiny cupcakes)
  • Expected field trips (Ann Arbor Hands-on museum in December 19th ( I will definitely need chaperones for this one), fire station/smoke house in October…don’t really need chaperones for this one…it’s really short)
  • Must be on approved chaperone list (paperwork must be turned in at least 2 weeks early if you really want to go) & must be 18 or older and out of High School
  • Reading groups & all teachers will not be doing the exact same things…. We will all teach the same stuff and will give very similar tests, but you will not see everything the same from each class (teachers have different personalities and work to meet the needs of the students in their class)
  • Scholastic book orders (will be sent home…you send them back with the money and I order through the mail)
  • NWEA testing (3 times a year)
  • M-step (end of the year)


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