Place a call:

Option 1. Lift the handset and dial the number.

Option 2. Press the New Call soft key and dial the number.

Answer a call:

Option 1. Lift the handset.

Option 2. Press the Answer soft key.

End a call:

Option 1. Hang up the handset.

Option 2. Press the End Call soft key.

Place a call on hold:

While on a call, press the Hold soft key. Press the Resume soft key, to return to the call.


Redial the most recently dialed number:

Option 1. Lift the handset and press the Redial soft key.

Option 2. Press the Redial key to activate: the speakerphone.

Change between handset and speakerphone during a call:

Handset to speakerphone:

Press the Speaker button and hang up the handset. Speakerphone to handset:

Lift the handset.

Transfer a call:

Step 1. During a call. press the Trnsfer soft key. This places the caller on hold.

Step 2. Place a call to another person.

Step 3. When you hear ringing, press Trnsfer again, or when the party answers announce the call and press Tmsfer. If the party refuses the call, press the EndCall soft key‘ then the Resume soft key to return to the original caller.

Step 4. Hang up.

Transfer directly to Voice Mail:

During a call, press the Tmsfer soft key.

Press *, the extension, and press Trnsfer again. Hang up.

Forward Calls

To forward all calls to another extension:

Press the Cfwrd soft key. Enter the number to which you want to forward ail your calts.

(A flashing right arrow will appear next to your phone number.)

To cancel forward all calls:

Press the Cfwrd soft key. (The flashing arrow wili no longer Display next to your phone number on the LCD.)


Phone Controls

To mute a call:

Press the Mute button. To tum off the mute, press Mute again (or lift the handset).

To change the volume:

Press the up or down volume key to increase or decrease the volume of your handset, headset or speakerphone. Press the Save key to save the volume setting.

To change the ring sound:

Press the settings button.

Select 2 for Ring Type.

Press the Select soft key to display the list of ring types. Use the scroll key to select a ring type.

Press the Play soft key to hear a sample of the selected ring type.

Press the Select soft key, then press the OK key to save your selection.

Press the Save soft key to exit the Settings menu.

Call History Features

To view missed calls:

Press the directories button.

Use the scroll keys to select the Missed Cails option in the Directory menu.

Press the Select soft key to dispiay the misssd calis list.

When you are finished, press the Exit sch key twice toexit the Directory menu.

To speed dial a missed call, received call, or placed call:

Press the Directories button.

Use the scroll keys to select the desired call history option on the Directory menu.

Use the scroll key to select the number you want to speed dial.

Press the Dial key to dial the selected number.

Conference Calls

To place a conference call:

During a call, press the More soft key and then the Confm soft key. This will automatically select a new line and place the other party on hold.

Place a call to another person.

When the call connects, press again to connect the callers.

Conference Call Options:

To place a conference call on hold:

Press the Hold soft key. The other parties can talk among themselves but they cannot hear you.

Meet Me

To Create a Meet Me Conference:

Lift the handset and press the More soft key.

Press the Meet Me seft key and dial a number from 29100 through 29299.

The display will say “To Conference.” You are now ready to receive additional callers.

To Join a Meet Me Conference

Lift the handset and dial the aiready established Meet Me number. Additional callers are automaticaily joined to the

established Meet Me conference.

Park Cails

To Park a Call:

During an active call, press the More soft key until you see the Park tab. Press Park. The display shows the number to which the call is parked.

To Retrieve a Parked Call:

Lift the handset on any phone. Dial the number shown when the salt was parked.

To get an Operator outside the district, Dlal 0 9 #


Checking Voice Mail

Non – Instructional Staff Voice Mali

Select the line button next to the extension you wish to check.

Press the Messages Button.

Enter Password, press #.

To access VM offsite:

Dial 3113-8276199.

During greeting, press the (asterisk) button.

Enter your Extension, press #.

Enter your Password, press #.

Teaching Staff Voice Mail

From any phone, press the Messages menu button.

Press * (asterisk), enter your extension number. then it.

Enter your Password, then #

To access VM from an Email inbox:

Voice message will automatically appear in lnbox.

The email can be kept, forwarded to another email, or deleted.

See Help Sheet for specific instructions.


Voice Mail Functions

During Message Menu

When listening to a message:

Press 1 to Restart message.

Press 2 to Save.

Press 3 to Delete.

Press 4 to Slow Playback.

Press 5 to Change Volume.

Press 6 to Speed Playback.

Press 7 to Rewind Message.

Press 8 to Pause/Resume.

Press 9 to Fast-Forward.

Press # to Fast-Forward to End.

Press ##) Save as New.

After Message Menu

After listening to a Message:

Press 1 to Replay message.

Press 2 to Save.

Press 3 to Deiete.

Press 4 to Reply.

PreSs 5 to Forward the message.

Press 6 to Save as New

Press 7 to Rewind.

Greeting Changes

Within voicemail, SETUP OPTIONS,

Press 4

Press 1 for Greetings.

Press 1 to Change Greetings.

Password Changes

Within voicemail, SETUP OPTIONS, Press 4

Press 3 for Personal Settings.

Press 1 to Change Password.

Voice Mail Shortcuts

WHILE listening to the Main menu, press:

41 Change greetings

431 Change phone password

432 Change recorded name

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