Popsicles on the Playground

When: Friday, August 23 from 11-11:30

Where: Howe Montessori Playground

Please join us for a brief meet and greet before school starts. The teachers will be on the playground passing out popsicles to new and returning students. This is great chance to get your child excited about school! We look forward to seeing you.

Thank you letter from African Wildlife Foundation

Dear Carrie,

Thank you for your gift of $150.00 on 06/11/2019 to African Wildlife Foundation. You are now a crucial part of the fight to save Africa’s majestic wildlife.

Every day, we work to end poaching and other imminent threats to Africa’s wildlife and lands. Your gift will be put to use immediately where it will be most effective. This includes:

Equipping local scouts with improved technology
Pressing for harsh criminal penalties for poachers and their financial backers
Training and using sniffer dogs to detect rhino horn and ivory at airports and seaports
Raising public awareness of the hard truth about poaching
Working with local communities to provide sustainable livelihoods and safeguard wildlife corridors while also protecting the community economic interests

These measures are crucial in protecting all of Africa‘s wildlife, whether they are vulnerable, threatened, endangered, or on the brink of extinction. No matter your contribution, you are already making a difference.

As an ally, you’ll receive occasional updates about the work we’re doing to save over 80 species, including elephants, rhinos, and mountain gorillas. You can also keep up to speed on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. Of course, you can unsubscribe from our email updates at any time.

If you have any questions or issues, please don’t hesitate to reach out toafricanwildlife@awf.org.

I’m so grateful you’ve joined this vital movement. Together, we will do everything possible to save Africa’s wildlife for years to come.

Kaddu Sebunya
CEO African Wildlife Foundation
Connect with Us:
African Wildlife Founda

Thursday and Friday

This Thursday, the 13th will be Picnic Day.  We will picnic with the preschool, Kindergarten and 1st grades.  Since rain is predicted, we will have the picnic in the cafeteria.  Tables will be set up in the hall between the office and the cafeteria for the food parents bring.

Thursday the students will take all items home and we will have a locker clean out.  Please send your child with his/her backpack and another bag such as a grocery bag.  They have a lot of stuff.

Friday- 1/2 day, and Game Day.   Students may bring a board or card game to play in the morning.  We will also be attending the 5th grade moving up ceremony.  Report cards, NWEA scores and summer reading logs will be passed out at the end of the morning before our final farewell!

Have a safe and wonderful summer!

Cultural Play Tomorrow

Tomorrow, June 7 at 1:00 will be the Cultural Play presented by our class and 3rd through 5th grade classes.  Students may wear costumes to school tomorrow.  Come and learn about Africa and watch your child sing and dance tomorrow.  We will begin promptly at 1 in the gym.  See you then.

Field Day and Class Picnic

Field Day will be on Tuesday, June 11 from 12:15-1:00.  There will also be a dunk tank to try and knock a teacher in the water and an inflatable of some kind.  There will be a separate schedule for those things.  We will need volunteers that day.  Email me or Mr. Borg if you are interested.

Class Picnic-  This year, Kindergarten has invited us to join in on their picnic along with 1st grade.  It will be Thursday, June 13 from 11-11:45.  We are asking all families to bring a dish to pass and also bring separate food items for your own family to eat too.  I was told there will be tables set up for food.  Bring fold up chairs and blankets as well. More details to come as we get closer to the date!

Africa Fundraiser

Africa Fundraiser

Ms. Truxall’s class is raising money to send to the African Wildlife Foundation.  Our class has been studying areas of Africa and its animals. Many of these animals are endangered due to habitat loss, climate change, farming, the pet trade and poachers.  Our class feels strongly about keeping these animals as safe as possible. Please donate any amount that you can to help these animals.  Put your donation into an envelope, write Africa Donation and your name clearly, and give it to Ms. Truxall.  She will take all the donations and add her own donation and send it off to Africa to help these animals.  If you would like more information, please visit the website at www.awf.org. Thank you!