Facebook Page

Hey, Tri-M!

There is a closed FB Group for Tri-M members. This will help us communicate with each other between meetings, reschedule, lead conversations about community service projects, etc.

Thank you very much for coming to the meeting today! It’s a good group 🙂


Service Ideas

Set up a Music Tutoring Program

Change for Music

Back to School Night Performance

School Jazz Night

Instrument Petting Zoo

Organize a Sponsored Walkathon

Enlist Local Musicians and School Ensembles to Host a Benefit Concert

Canned Food Drive Concert

Host a “Your School Name Idol” Talent Show

Volunteer to work at County/District/State Auditions

Dinner Theatre Production

Student Performances at Local Nursing Homes/Assisted Living Centers/Police Departments/Fire Departments/Community Centers/Hospitals/Elementary Schools

Acoustic Cafe

Winter Coffeehouse

“Crush Grams” Valentine’s Day Music Grams

Act as Concert Ushers for School Performances

Incorporate “music history tidbits” in your school’s daily announcements

Partner with local businesses to advertise upcoming musical events and projects

Give music lessons at local elementary schools

Usher, prepare sets, costumes, programs, and collect tickets at community concerts, theater shows, or festivals

Assist young Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts with earning their music badges