Often times, teachers will give you the option of how you want to show what you know. What are your options? Here are a few:

  • Google Slides
    • boring, but effective. If you can’t think of anything else, go ahead and blend in with the crowd. Maybe take it to the next level with a screencast (see below)
  • Prezi
    • exciting, but don’t get carried away or you’ll miss the point
  • PowToon
    • a different approach: make an animated video!
  • Storyboard That
    • Virtual comic strip.
  • Screencast (Screencastify)
    • Make a video of what’s on your screen. Maybe put yourself on the screen too.
  • Better yet, try Googling “ways to present other than Google Slides or powerpoint”!

Got even better ideas? Submit them in the comments section below! (Students who submit great ideas are eligible for a prize!)

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