Week of 11-16-20

Welcome to a new week! Here’s what’s happening:

*This week we begin having math homework. As I’ve instructed your children (weeks ago) to show you their grades, you probably know that math quiz scores haven’t been great. Therefore, starting today, your child was given math homework in their Succeed book. Every day I will have them circle the “must do” problems. Then they must take a picture or video OF THEIR WORK, and submit it to the math assignment in the day’s folder in the math course. I will also message parents with the homework problems, until the students get a hang of it themselves. I’ve also instructed your child to complete any uncircled ones, if they’re struggling with the concept, for extra practice. That’s where they may need your help. Each homework comes with a “Homework Helper” that shows how to complete today’s type of math problems. Please let me know if you have any questions.

*If you haven’t joined my Class Dojo yet, please do so. I’ll be getting rid of Remind by December break. Click here to join: https://www.classdojo.com/invite/?c=CSQ6N5A

*The final evening of Parent/Teacher Conferences is on Tuesday from 4-7:30pm. Please have your child login to our regular Zoom. If your family member needs an additional link, please let me know. Here is the schedule for the evening:

4:00- Ayshah 4:30- Sabrene 5:30- Linda 6:00- Abbas 6:30- Aliyah 7:00-Fatima

*The Pillar of Character’s theme this month is Personal Responsibility. Please discuss ways your child can be personally responsible with their schooling and home life. A new student of the month will be chosen on this principal in the next week or so.

*This week in science we are studying the 2 types of volcanoes. I’d like the class to do the experiment with me during Friday’s science lesson, if you have the materials. This can be done with these common household items: 2 clear plastic cups, flour (used for baking), 2 paper plates, spoon, 2 plastic straws, Ziploc Bag (gallon size).

*This week’s social studies lesson continues into next week, with the study of immigration into the United States. Your child has several assignments that may need your knowledge of family history. They have until November 29 to complete everything.

*Speaking of family, with Thanksgiving next week, there will be no school Wednesday, November 25-29. We’ll see you again on Monday, November 30. May you all have a safe & restful break!

*If you ever have any questions or concerns, please email me at: tattaa@dearbornschools.org or message me on Class Dojo.

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