Jun 30

Miss You All

I just wanted to let all my students know that I miss you and I hope that you are in good health and spirits. Try your best to stay active this summer. As discussed in class, exercise has many benefits physically, emotionally and mentally.

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Jun 09


To all my students on a wonderful school year. Good luck to all my 8th graders in high school and your future endeavors. Thank you all for doing so well on the “stay at home” health assignments. Try to have a great, healthy and active summer. Until we meet again…… ALOHA!

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May 27

Locker Item Pick Up

Locker Item Pick Up Information:TUESDAY, JUNE 2nd  (This will be the ONLY pick up day)

Please follow the below directions for the safety of teachers, students, and parents

1.     On the day of pick up, NO students or parents will be allowed in the building. Do NOT get out of your car.

2.     Cars must ENTER through the Warren gate and pull up to door #20 so that your car faces Ann Arbor Trail.

3.     Please tell the teacher on the sidewalk the student you are picking up for.

4.     Have your trunk open, so that teachers have no contact as we deliver your belongings.

5.     Students will return instruments and library books (AKA Ms. Fryzel’s books) that day.

6.     6th and 7th graders can keep instruments over the summer.


10:00 -11:00           6th Graders

11:00 – 12:00          7th Graders

12:00 – 1:00           8th Graders

1:00 – 1:30             Last Chance

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May 14

Enrichment Due 5-15

Hello everyone. This is just a reminder the enrichment extra credit assignments are due tomorrow by 2:30pm. After that, they will no longer be accepted. Most of you are caught up on everything. Be sure to check student connect (Mi Star) if you are unsure. Hope you enjoyed your “Fun day, Friday” week. We will be back at it with another body system on Monday.

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