Spring Celebration Friday 4/12/19

Kindergarten Parent Meeting!

Join us Tuesday, March 19th in room 109 (Ms. Abulhassan’s room) at 9:00 am for a MANDATORY Kindergarten parent meeting. You will have the opportunity to learn more about Kindergarten reading and writing expectations.

Please contact the office at 313-827-6750 with any questions!

Thank you!

Kids Count Art Contest

The Michigan League for Public Policy have announced that its Kids Count project is holding a youth art contest. The contest is open to children from preschool through 12th grade and the theme revolves around the question, “What’s it like to be a kid in Michigan?”
The Kids Count in Michigan project, which is part of the national KIDS COUNT project at the Annie E. Casey Foundation, seeks to improve and strengthen our state so that Michigan’s kids can thrive in a world where they are supported. The youth art contest is a chance for kids to be part of the 2019 Kids Count in Michigan Data Book.  The annual data book covers a variety of issues facing children and teens in our state, and though it is not required, artwork can relate to topics such as: friends, family, health, nutrition, childcare, school, career goals, teen issues, home life, culture, emotions, food, sports, money or jobs.

Artwork can be done in crayon, ink, acrylics, oil paint, pastels, watercolor, colored pencils, scratchboard, color marker, chalk, pastels, charcoal, or paper collage. They cannot accept artwork done using plain black pencil or weak colored pencil.

Please visit https://mlpp.org/kids-count-2019-youth-art-contest/ to submit.

Friday, February 1

Due to the cold days this week, the spelling test for both First Graders and Kindergarteners will be moved to Monday, February 4. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Mrs. Talluto

Monday 1/28/19-Friday 2/1/19

I hope everyone enjoyed their snow day yesterday! Our spelling words for the week:

Kindergarten: Words in the -at family:

  1. bat
  2. cat
  3. hat
  4. mat
  5. pat
  6. rat
  7. the
  8. to
  9. and
  10. a

First Grade: Words that begin with fl- and pl- blends:

  1. fly
  2. flat
  3. flash
  4. plop
  5. plug
  6. plum
  7. who
  8. knew
  9. must
  10. black

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Mrs. Talluto

Spelling Words 1/14-1/18


  1. here
  2. little
  3. three
  4. where
  5. yellow

First Grade:

  1. swing
  2. sting
  3. king
  4. ring
  5. bring
  6. wing
  7. pretty
  8. four
  9. saw
  10. eat

Spelling Words 12/10-12/14

First Grade

  1. more
  2. form
  3. torn
  4. horn
  5. fort
  6. thorn
  7. out
  8. be
  9. have
  10. like

Kindergarten: Since Kindergarten does not have school Friday, their test will be on Monday 12/17

  1. for
  2. not
  3. one
  4. said
  5. two

Kindergarten Math

This week we started our Geometry unit. We are working on all kinds of shapes, including 2-dimensional shapes (triangles, rectangles, squares, hexagons) and 3-dimensional shapes (cubes, cones, cylinders, and spheres) and all their attributes. We will be doing the assessment for this module the week of December 10th.