October 23

Daily 5

Read to Self

During Read to Self time children work on building their stamina for reading individually. Each child chooses 3-4 books to keep in their book bags and read during this time. In preschool we talk about three ways to read a story; look at the pictures, try to read the words, and retelling a familiar story.

Read to Someone

Reading with someone helps readers, especially developing readers, increase areas of comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and prosody.  It also increases reading involvement, attention, and collaboration. What’s more, children love partner reading and readily participate with books they choose. 

Work on Writing

During Work on Writing, students are developing their fine motor skills, practicing writing, building stamina, and working on phonemic awareness. The students have choices of: Write in Your Journal, Write on a White Board, Write the Room (walking around the room identifying letters/words to write), or iPad Writing with educational writing applications.

Word Work

During Word Work students participate in a variety of activities to increase their phonological awareness, alphabetic knowledge, and word building skills. While students work on these activities, they also work on building their stamina by increasing the time in which they engage in these activities.

Listen to Reading

During Listen to Reading, students practice a variety of ways in which to listen to a story: sitting in a student selected spot, eyes looking at the book, ears listening to the story, and voices quiet. While students master these practices, we work on building our stamina by increasing the time in which they are listening.