Today’s Lessons 6-4-20

Good Morning! Here are the assignments for today. Ask questions in google classroom email if you have any! Please go through your child’s Google Classroom with them and look for any missing assignments assigned by me. I am looking for all missing assignments to be completed by the end of this week so I have time to grade them and complete report cards.

Remember, desk and locker pick up is TODAY! Please see the post for further details. I sent 5th Grade Promotion details to your email Tuesday. Please refer to those and ask me any questions.


If you have not completed the Math Mid Module 6 test or Topic B review, you must do those first today.

Answers from yesterday’s math homework 6. 26

Today we are working on Module 6 lesson 27. Here is the link to the video:

Today we will do problem set numbers 1b, 2- you choose 2 of the 3 to complete and homework numbers 1, 2- you choose 1 to complete


Finish the end of the unit assessment if you did not complete it yesterday. It will just be counted as an assignment, so don’t worry. You can look at your old quizzes any mysteries if you need to. This is in a google form, so click on the link to complete it.

Social Studies

After the war is over many groups still have some fighting to do. What today’s episode and read the articles. There will be a link to a multiple choice quiz on Google Classroom on Friday so be sure you watch and read carefully. You may want to take notes as you watch the videos and read the articles from yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yes, I know the videos are out of order. Episode 139 actually comes before 138 if you look at the years of the events.

Liberty’s Kids

Click on the links to read the articles.


Please log onto Readworks and make sure you have completed all assignments before doing RAZ Kids. They are due by Friday.

Now, go back to Google Classroom and make sure you have completed all Scholastic News assignments.

If all of the above are done, complete 1 Raz Kids book of your choice and take the quiz.

It is Thursday, Science Enrichment Day!  See assignments posted on google classroom by Mrs. Poisson.  Maybe you would like to find a science experiment to share with us!  If you do try it and let us know.  I will share them here!  You can even take a video or a picture with your parent’s permission or show us your experiment or results on one of our google hangouts! 

Fun Activities: These are to be done as breaks or after your weekly assignments are completed.  Your family may enjoy these as well.

Another drawing lesson with JJK!

Today we’ll visit some of the sights in Europe with Travel Kids!

Our read aloud today is a fairy tale from Norway!

Let’s hang out with the meerkats at the Cincinnati Zoo!

I’m hungry…how about some pizza?

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