Today’s Lessons 6-2-20

Good Morning! Here are the assignments for today. Ask questions in google classroom email if you have any! Remember, desk and locker pick up is Thursday. Please see the post for further details.

Please go through your child’s Google Classroom with them and look for any missing assignments assigned by me. I am looking for all missing assignments to be completed by the end of this week so I have time to grade them and complete report cards.

It is ilearn Big Blue Button day!  Join us at 10:30 and have questions ready! 

A. Log into your google account

B.If you are not on the district home page, go there.  It says Student Portal at the top.

B. Click the circle that says ilearn.

C. Sign in with google- white box.

D. Click on My Classes

E.Click on Mrs. Stetz 

F. You should see Live Meetings

G. Click on Mrs. Stetz Live.  This will only work once I am in the meeting, so you can not join early or you will not be let in.  Join at 10:30.   


If you have not completed the Math Mid Module 6 test or Topic B review, you must do those first today.

Answers from yesterday’s math homework 6.22

Today we are working on Module 6 lesson 23 . Here is the link to the video:

Today we will do 1 number story in the problem set from lesson 21 while watching the video. These are longer multi step problems and you should watch the video while you complete it. Then, do homework numbers 1. Problem 2 was dones as a brain teaser in the video.


Today you will finish the performance task assignment from yesterday in google classroom. Here is the link again if you need it.

If you have not completed any old quizzes, you have until Friday.

Social Studies

After the Revolutionary War, some people suggested that Washington become king. Watch today’s video to find out what he did instead! Then read the article below about George Washington.

Read this article on George Washington, take the quiz, then finish the assignment you started on Google Classroom. It is due tomorrow at 9:00 am.


Please log onto Readworks and make sure you have completed all assignments before doing RAZ Kids. They are due by Friday.

Choose 1 book from Raz Kids to complete today. Read the book and take the quiz.


It is Tuesday, Gym Day!! Go out and get some extra exercise or log on to go noodle and dance with your family.  Check out Mr. Harvey’s blog and his post on our stream.

It is also Art day!  Check out Mr. Goeke on our stream or his blog.

Fun Activities: These are to be done after your weekly assignments are completed and you are caught up on any missing work.  Your family may enjoy these as well.

Let’s have our daily art lesson from Jarrett J. Krosoczka—author and illustrator of Punk Farm, Lunch Lady, and Jedi Academy.

Let’s continue to explore Europe!

Now for a read aloud story which take place in Italy, which is a country in Europe!

Today we meet the Aardwolf at the Cincinnati Zoo! Sounds creepy!

Aardwolf Snack Challenge

Using their long tongues and peg-like molars, aardwolves can slurp up and chomp down on 200,000 or more insects in one night. That is nearly 500 insects every minute! How do you think you compare to an aardwolf? Try taking the Aardwolf Snack Challenge! What will you snack on instead of insects? Try cheerios, berries, goldfish, etc. Set out your snack on a plate and use your tongue only to collect your food. Be sure to be safe and chew your food well before swallowing!

I hope you had a fun day! Now it’s time to Go Bananas!!!!

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