Today’s Lessons 6-1-20

Good Morning! Welcome to June! We are almost there! Push hard this week and finish up strong! Here are the assignments for today. Ask questions in google classroom email if you have any! I will send you a video for today. We will meet tomorrow at 10:30 for the live lesson on ilearn since I have to go into work on Wednesday. We have some exciting things coming up so I will see you there! Have a great day!


Today we are working on Module 6 lesson 22 . Here is the link to the video:

Today we will do 1 number story in the problem set from lesson 21 while watching the video. These are longer multi step problems and you should watch the video while you complete it. Then, do homework numbers 1. Problem 2 was dones as a brain teaser in the video.


We have completed all the mysteries. Today you will go to Google classroom and complete the performance task and unit review. In this performance task, students evaluate a proposed ecosystem plan for a Mars habitat. Using evidence from the unit, they will write an argument for or against the proposed ecosystem plan. Then, students will make recommendations about how to change the ecosystem to successfully cycle energy and nutrients, keeping humans alive and healthy. You will need your Biosphere pages you have been using the entire unit. All the other pages needed for today’s activity can be found in the assignment link. If you can not print, follow along and complete it on paper. You have 2 days, today and tomorrow to do this because it takes a while to cut out, place your pieces and evaluate. Do not wait until tomorrow to start this. Here is the link

Social Studies

The American Army is winning battles, France is here to help, and the British are on the run. Watch what happens in today’s video. Then read the article and go to the assignment on Google Classroom.

Liberty’s Kids



Choose 1 book from Raz kids to complete today. Read the book and take the quiz.


It is Monday, music day.  Check out what Mrs. Baloga posted on our stream or on her blog page. 

Fun Activities: These are to be done as breaks or after your weekly assignments are completed.  Your family may enjoy these as well.

Let’s visit Europe this week!!!

Today we meet the Arctic Fox who lives in the Arctic Circle in North American, Europe and Asia.

Now for a traditional Danish folktale told by Hans Christian Andersen!

We can make gnome pop-up cards. Gnomes are popular in Scandinavia which is a part of Northern Europe!!

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