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Welcome back!  I hope you had a restful and relaxing break.  Remember it will take a few days for the kids to get back into a routine.  Don’t be surprised if they are tired!  It is important to get back into a regular schedule, including bed times.  Don’t forget to pack an afternoon healthy snack each day and snow pants and boots for snow, along with gloves, hats, and a change of socks and clothes for their lockers.

Language Arts  Before break we worked on long i sounds and producing middle sounds in CVC words.  I will be reviewing silent e this week to go with our study of long vowels.  This will be for the purpose of explaining why they say their name and for those who are ready, for writing as well.  Homework for long e will be coming home today.  Please continue to have the children fill out the nightly literacy recording sheets and return them every Monday.  Our class goal is everyone turning in their homework on time.  I will begin assessments for Reading this week during our rounds of Daily 5.  This will take a week to do as I will be pulling each child individually and listening to them read and complete word analysis assessment task.  The children will be choosing books independently from their level.  We will resume guided groups as soon as I finish and reevaluate the groups based on needs and goals.

Math/Science/Social Studies  Before break we were working in Module 3 on measurement.  We are comparing objects length and height using words longer than, shorter, than and taller than instead of bigger.  Please try to use this vocabulary at home as well.  We completed our Science 5 senses assessment and Social Studies Economics units before break.  I will be sending home science tests this week.  Social Studies went home before break.  We will begin our weather unit for Science this week and the History unit for Social Studies.

Letters Of The Week:  Long e

Letters in Review: Ss, Mm, Rr, Bb, Tt, Nn, Aa, Dd, Oo, Ii, Cc, Gg, Hh, Ff, Pp, Ee, Vv, Zz, Uu, Ll, Ww, Jj, Yy, Zz, Kk, Qq  Long A, O, I

Words of The Week: it, big

Words in Review: the, I, can, see, like, to, look, at, come, and, a, we, go, in, my, he, is, has, are, for, here, you, this, little, did, not,she, said, get


Long vowel page- going home Monday.

Math: Module 3 Lessons:  lessons 9-13, and extra practice number writing to 10, counting to 50,  and recognition to 20 as needed.  Review of flat shapes, circle, square, rectangle, triangle, and hexagon, along with solid shapes, cylinder, cone, cube, and sphere as needed as well.

Language: Continue to work on reading the sight words in their guided reading bag. You can have your child create a set at home to practice as well.  Writing sentences using only 1 capital letter to start the sentence, spaces, and periods will reinforce writing skills.

Leader In Me 

We will be reviewing the first 3 habits, Be Proactive- you are in charge of you, Begin with the End in Mind- have a plan, Put First things First- work, then play.  Don’t forget to worry about your circle of control- only take care of what you can take care of.  Please continue to use these phrase at home and be an example of using the 7 Habits in your own daily life.  Let this be a journey your whole family embraces!

Don’t forget to check the Lindbergh tab at the top for school news and events!


Have a wonderful week of learning!

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